The Case Of The 150 Kidnapped

The ongoing war in Ambazonia has reached new levels of brutality and inhumanity, marked by recent kidnapping on April 11th and April 14th, 2024. During these days, the People of Ambazonia experienced unimaginable suffering at the hands of the Cameroon Occupation Forces, who forcibly kidnapped over 150 innocent civilians from Bafut Agiati. These individuals, unlawfully detained, are now separated from their families, their pleas for help met with a disheartening silence from the international community.

Heart-Wrenching Tragedies

The cruelty of the occupation forces manifested tragically in Up Station Bamenda, where Awazi Bah Junior and his wife were brutally killed. Their lives were snuffed out, symbolizing the oppressive regime’s barbarity. Further reports from the Ambazonia Governing Council (AGovC) reveal a horrifying incident in Batibo, where a young woman was raped. In Kumbo, a revered elder faced a brutal and senseless execution, while in Bali, a civilian dreaming of a free Ambazonia was unjustly killed in detention.

Unwavering Resolve of the Ambazonia Governing Council

In the face of such egregious violations, the Ambazonia Governing Council remains steadfast. Their recent alert is not merely a call for sympathy but a rallying cry for justice. The AGovC is committed to holding every perpetrator accountable and will not rest until justice is served.

Violations of International Law

The atrocities committed against Ambazonians are blatant violations of international humanitarian law and constitute severe war crimes. The Geneva Conventions, which protect civilians during war, and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, which prohibits genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, have been grossly contravened. The systematic targeting of civilians, use of sexual violence as a weapon, and arbitrary executions of a flagrant disregard for the laws of war.

A Call for International Action

As the AGovC compiles a detailed report documenting these war crimes, they do so with a solemn vow to honor the fallen and fight for Ambazonia’s liberation. The gravity of these offenses underscores the urgent need for international intervention to halt the violence and protect innocent lives. The international community must act decisively to address these atrocities and bring the perpetrators to justice.