Enthusiasm Fills Canada as Ambazonia Liberation Leader, Dr. Cho Ayaba Arrives

Enthusiasm Fills Canada as Ambazonia Liberation Leader, Dr. Cho Ayaba Arrives

Enthusiasm Fills Canada as Ambazonia Liberation Leader, Dr. Cho Ayaba Arrives


By Michael Sone 
AmbaNews24 Correspondent, Canada

The President of the Ambazonia Governing Council, Dr. Cho Ayaba has arrived Canada today, August 16 to kick-start a global re-mobilization of the Ambazonian people towards the freedom and independence of Ambazonia.

Some Ambazonia Mission Leaders in Canada await the arrival of Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas at the airpot

Leaders of the Ambazonia Mission in Canada, among which were Anaka Divine and Ambazonian activist, Asu Lucas, warmly received Dr. Ayaba at the airport. Some Ambazonians also travelled from the USA to be part of the unity mission to energize the people in their struggle for freedom once and for all from colonial rule and domination by Cameroon

Welcoming Dr. Ayaba at the airport, Lucas Asu said this mission is “the beginning of an era to change the  game on ‘Ground Zero’ [in Ambazonia] permanently for the liberation of the Ambazonian people.”

Speaking to AmbaNews24 in Canada, Mrs. Susan Atemafeh said, “We are excited to have our leader, Dr. Ayaba here. We cannot wait for tomorrow and Sunday to hear him energize us again and give us the direction that our liberation struggle needs now. We are at a crossroad in this struggle, and there is no room for error. There is no time to stand back and watch from a distance. Weather any Ambazonian likes it or not, we are all affected by the occupation of our country by Cameroun and the killing of our people. We either stand up now and free ourselves, or our future generations will suffer forever. So, we are excited.” George Nyukighan could not wait to tell AmbaNews24: “We are coming together as one people not only to welcome the leader of our freedom cause here, but to contribute generously to end the carnage in our homeland. Our people are suffering under the assault of Cameroon. Together, we shall stand as one people and tell Cameroon that Ambazonians own Ambazonia. Let everyone come!”

Ambazonia Revolution Leader, Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas arrives in Canada to meet Ambazonians

The leader of the Ambazonian Independence Revolution will meet with the public tomorrow, Saturday, August 17th from 7pm to 9pm at 6581 Raleigh Blvd, London, Ontorio N6P 1P6. The contact number for this event is 226 268 6978.

On Sunday, August 18th from 4:00pm to 8:00pm, Dr. Ayaba will meet with the people in Toronto at 11 Irwin Rd, Etobicoke, ON, M9P 2P6. The contact information for this second open event as provided to the public by the organizers, namely, Ambazonia Mission in Canada, is 437-538-5822 or +1(647) 269-4829 or +1(416) 569-2459.

Per the program that AmbaNews24 has received,
the Revolutionary Leader will focus on five key issues at these events:
providing firsthand information to the people on the state of the Ambazonian
liberation struggle, protection of the Ambazonian population in the homeland,
international recognition of Ambazonia as a sovereign country, dynamic control
of the Ambazonia territory by the Ambazonian people, and mobilization of the
human, financial and other material resources necessary to achieve these goals.

At the beginning of the Ambazonian war of independence. Dr. Ayaba iterated that Ambazonia ungovernable by Cameroon’s administrators and brutal military junta was an absolute necessity in the second phase of the revolution; the first phase being the sensitization of the masses. Having successfully completed both phases in the liberation continuum, the leader has turned his attention to Phase 3, which consists of ensuring that the Ambazonian people control strategically their territories, weed out opportunistic elements working solo or with the Cameroon government that are causing significant trauma to the local population through banditry, kidnappings, etc and strategically provide effective security to the Ambazonian people in the homeland.     

This global mobilization mission is also coming at a time when the Ambazonia Governing Council has dispatched envoys on multiple diplomatic missions to different countries in Europe, North America, Asia and parts of Africa and South America as the efforts towards the international recognition of Ambazonia intensify.

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