Innocent Chia and Martin Forminyen Respond to AmbaNews24 on the Swiss Meeting with Some Ambazonian Movements This Week

Innocent Chia and Martin Forminyen Respond to AmbaNews24 on the Swiss Meeting with Some Ambazonian Movements This Week

Innocent Chia and Martin Forminyen Respond to AmbaNews24 on the Swiss Meeting with Some Ambazonian Movements This Week

On September 18, 2019, AmbaNews24 published
an article titled, “Switzerland
Begins Consultation with Some Ambazonian Movements for the Cameroon National
.” Innocent Chia, a member of MoRISC,
one of the organizations that will be attending the meetings has responded to
this article. Martin Forminyen in a message circulated on whatsapp has also
replied to Innocent Chia’s response.

AmbaNews24 editorial policy
includes The Right to Respond and the Right to Reply. In compliance with this
policy, AmbaNews24 is publishing in their entirety, in transparency to the
public, and without any editing, the responses.

to AmbaNews24 by Innocent Chia, like Paul Biya’s CRTV, takes
aim at Ambazonia

a September 18th piece of ignorance titled “Switzerland Begins
Consultation with Some Ambazonian Movements for the Cameroon National
Dialogue”, throws its kitchen-sink at Ambazonian
pro-independence leaders meeting this weekend in Switzerland as part of ongoing
preparatory work towards the Swiss-led mediated negotiations with La Republique
du Cameroun. The opening paragraph is served with a double whammy lie:  a)
that pro-Independence Ambazonian leaders are meeting in Switzerland this
weekend as part of Cameroon’s National Dialogue; and b) insidiously making
belief that these leaders are meeting in Switzerland for the first time. The
opening paragraph reads:

Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs working with the Humanitarian
Dialogue (HD) Center in Switzerland will this week and possibly beyond, consult
with some Ambazonia movements in the diaspora…to enable them to make their
contribution to discussions on the resolution of the crisis.”

reaching any conclusions about the motives of the author and of, let us ask ourselves some basic questions
from the foregoing:

Is the government of Cameroon hiring the services of the Foreign Ministries of
every country with a Cameroonian diaspora? 

Will the government of Cameroon also be appointing and dispatching, in addition
to the hired Foreign Ministries, delegations to meet the Cameroonian Diaspora
that dictator Biya outlined in his speech? 

If so, what is the role of the Cameroonian Embassy and why is the Cameroon
Embassy in Washington DC sending out invitations in lieu of the office of the
US Secretary of State? 

Is aware of the fact that the group of
Ambazonian leaders that are signed on, and committed, to the Swiss led
initiative are not in Switzerland for the first time? 

Did reach out to any of the leaders who will
be meeting in Switzerland – Dr Ebenezer Akwanga of APLM, Dr Samuel Sako of the
IG, Augustine Ndamgam of SCAPO, or Ntumfoyn Boh Herbert of MoRISC,  just
to name these few, to counteract the story from it’s highly placed
“source” in Yaounde?

If did not reach out to any of these
leaders for a counter to what Yaounde offered, is the new CRTV or a branch of CRTV based
in “Spain”?
is not shy about its high level sources in Yaounde. In fact, it claims that

to a high ranking official at the Cameroon Prime Ministry in Yaoundé where Dion
Ngute, Prime Minister of the Republic of Cameroon is leading the National

how come you can talk to LRC but cannot, not for a second, talk to fellow
Ambazonians who are all fighting for same Independence?

addition to fabricating outright lies and belittling the Swiss Foreign Ministry
to be on the payroll of Biya, cannot seem to explain why Dr. Cho Ayaba
is playing cat and mouse with the process. The self-styled “Leader of the
Revolution” opted to say he would not attend the Swiss led initiative
*this week*, leaving open a backdoor to get into after the others would have
done all the hard preparatory work that goes into such a process.  No one
expects CRTV to point out to Biya that his dross is showing; no one
expects to point out same to Dr Ayaba. The
question remains, meantime, will Ayaba’s next time no longer constitute part of
the Cameroun Dialogue?

blatant lie that manufactures is its highly
placed anonymous source in Yaounde. How is it a lie? cannot
maintain whether it was a tip or an interview. Anonymous sources give tips. An
interview is a different ball game all together. A source agrees to interview
precisely because it wants to go “on the record”. When a source
elects to be anonymous,  it is no longer an interview.  They are
providing information. In the piece by, there is confusion as to whether it was a
tip from an anonymous source or the product of an interview. Such confusion is

are not fools. Ambazonians have a long memory too. It was not that long ago
when hailed Dr Ayaba Cho and AGovC for
signing on the European Institute of Peace (EIP) to provide capacity building
and even mediation with LRC. A month or so ago, EIP suspended its involvement,
citing, above all, that it wanted to avoid any confusion between its capacity
building role and the Swiss led process that it endorsed along the UN, EU, AU,
the Unites States, and Canada. did not report that the EIP,
based in Belgium, has suspended its involvement partly because AGovC was acting
as if they owned EIP and would be dictating to the majority of pro-independence
groups whether to dance njang or elephant dance, when to jump and how high to
jump…  And while the other groups decided to attend the EIP capacity
building seminar in Belgium as an olive branch and to foster a better working
relationship,  AGovC turned down an invitation to attend the first meeting
of the Swiss led initiative that had been agreed to by the rest of the groups.
EIP experts quickly saw it, tried severally to fix the problem, but Dr Ayaba
and AGovC have remained obstinate. On the request of the majority of Ambazonian
pro-independence leaders, the Swiss government has reached out severally to Dr
Ayaba and the EIP, as well as to Dr Yerima Darbney who represents the AyukTabe
IG.  Both gentlemen have opted to play politics even as LRC exacts its
genocidal acts on Ambazonians. 

Ambazonians are not fooled as to who is working with Yaounde. Ambazonians have followed France and all pro-Biya forces sing in unison about the need to release AyukTabe and co as a precondition to any negotiations. Biya has said he might do it. He did it for Dr. Balla and Dr. Fontem. We know what the results have been. Both men since became sworn enemies of an Independent Ambazonia. Watch for Biya to free AyukTabe, then appoint him to lead the Ambazonian delegation to Switzerland… Hopefully, Dr Ayaba Cho will be pardoned and included in that delegation as well. Ambazonians – we must stay alert and beware of wolves in sheepskin. 

Innocent Chia

Reply to Innocent Chia by Martin Forminyen

dear Innocent Chia,

I was reading thinking it was Comrade Boh Herbert, until I saw your signature under. Great that your writing styles are both converging. 

have read your response to the AmbaNews24 article, and also read the AmbaNews24 article itself. Unfortunately, I must confess
to you that your writing has so much rambling outside of the positions stated
in the AmbaNews24 

entire AmbaNews24 article has three points that you totally
failed to respond to effectively, and with any evidence.

That there will be a meeting between some Ambazonian movements and the Swiss
this week.

That in that meeting, the Swiss will intend to solicit contributions, whether
directly or indirectly, overtly or implicitly, in ways that will be very open
or not, towards the Cameroon Grand National Dialogue.

Considering that these movements have also denied involvement in the Cameroon
Grand Dialogue Process, AmbaNews24 advises them to formally declare to the Swiss
that none of their inputs at the meeting should be construed as material for
the Cameroon Grand Dialogue.

rambled, sometimes became childish, most often escaped the facts and focused on
persons, and failed to respond convincingly to these three key points.

I have independently confirmed from a member of MoRISC that the said meeting
will actually hold from September 20 to September 22 in Switzerland. So, the
first point raised in AmbaNews24 article is true. Can you state for the
records to the Ambazonian people that no such meeting or workshop will be

You should rather be explaining to the Ambazonian people why you are having these meetings behind their backs, without at least informing them. There is a difference between confidentiality and obscurity. The Ambazonia liberation struggle is a matter of public interest, and obscurity breeds suspicion and must cause every Ambazonian to wonder why those attending such meetings in view of deciding the future of our 8million people do not have the simple courtesy to inform the people that they are meeting on their behalf. In fact, I should extend special gratitude to SCCOP for their Press Statement, as opposed to others who stayed mute!

So, I will rather thank AmbaNews24 for acting as what we expect news media to do in our future Ambazonia homeland: inform the people, whether there is a cover-up by actors or not!

the only way out to disprove AmbaNews24 that there is no attempt by the Swiss
to obtain any input from the movements attending, whether overtly or covertly,
implicitly or explicitly, is to publish to the Ambazonian people the full
agenda and the records of the meeting upon completion. So, please,
remember to do this so that we can all know that the source that spoke to
AmbaNews24 was unreliable.

On the last point, what you have is a piece of advice to safeguard the Ambazonian revolution, which shows that AmbaNews24 is not acting as CRTV but as an advocate of the Ambazonian struggle to ensure that these our movements do not consciously or unconsciously fall into a potential trap. 

mention of whether invitations to past workshops were sent to AGovC or to
Yerima and Akuroh are inconsequential as there is no mention of such past
invitations in the AmbaNews24 article that you could say are proving them
wrong. Rather, AmbaNews24 clearly mentioned that the AGovC, the Consortium,
RoAN, and Seseku’s IG have hitherto not bought into the Swiss-led process.

my dear Innocent, tone down. Avoid all the rambling, and make sure that when
MoRISC participates in the upcoming Sept. 20 to Sept 22 meeting in Switzerland,
you are on your guard and give no opportunity for your words to be taken to
Yaounde without your knowledge. In this regard, follow the advice of AmbaNews24.

With respect to anonymity, no law requires that anyone interviewed cannot remain anonymous. In fact, today, it is very common to see videos of a journalist interviewing someone whose face remains blurred out. Sometimes, one hears a voice speaking but his or her figure is invisible completely. This is anonymity. An anonymous informant could be interviewed and still remains anonymous. An interview can be done for documentation to be published later or it can be done just for the purpose of getting enough information and checking the authenticity of the information, with no intent to reveal the identity of the interviewee. But the way the message was put across to Ambanews24 should not be a matter of discussion, the point is, someone gave that information to Ambanews24, which at least from the point that there is actually a meeting beginning tomorrow, September 24 has proven true.

One aside issue you raised is whether the Swiss are working for Cameroon. Well, you failed to answer that convincingly again because, I think, you do not know. Do you? No country spends money just for spending sake, whether in a facilitator, mediator, or negotiator role. All countries, especially those in the west, are out for their self-interest in everything they touch. Americans were very involved, playing both facilitation and support roles in the Sudan-South Sudan negotiations. Behold, they were not neutral. They had oil deals with the South Sudanese that they were seeking to achieve, though acting as mediators. The international system is crocked and people who fall into it without reservations are very bad negotiators for their people. Work for Ambazonians, not the Swiss! Watch out!!

From your Ambazonia brother, Martin Forminyen

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