Ambazonia to Participate in the Basque Aldredi Egunda as International Recognition Intensifies

Ambazonia to Participate in the Basque Aldredi Egunda as International Recognition Intensifies

Ambazonia to Participate in the Basque Aldredi Egunda as International Recognition Intensifies

The Basque Nationalist Party has invited officially the
Ambazonian People to the traditional EAJ-PNV’s ALDREDI EGUNDA, Day of the
Party, on September 29th, 2019, through the Ambazonia Governing
Council that also represents Ambazonia in the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples
Organization (UNPO).

Processions at the 2018 Aldredi Egunda

The events agenda this year will span two days, beginning on Saturday, September 28 and ending on Sunday, September 29, 2019. The activities will include diplomatic and political meetings, cultural dances, artistic exhibitions, etc.

The Ambazonia delegation to the event will be led by Dr.
Julius Nyih, Vice President of the Ambazonia Governing Council. He will be in
the company of Dr. Larry Ayamba, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and
tens of other Ambazonians from within Spain and beyond.

This Day of the Basque Nationalist Party that has often
featured state representatives such as Ambassadors of different countries and
non-state dignitaries from around the world has held annually since September
1977. Invitation to the event reflects the Basque Country’s international
recognition of the invitees, which boosters bilateral relations between the
autonomous Basque Country and the states or nations invited. 

More than 100,000 people annually people fill the Campas de Foranda for the Aldredi Egunda

The festivities are held at the Campas de Foronda showground
in Spain, where around 100,000 people usually take part in the events that
begin with a procession ceremony of the Youth Section of the Party, followed by
representatives of all the municipal organizations, councilors and mayors of
the different municipalities, the Basque Governments, invited dignitaries and
political parties.

This year, there will be a political meeting after the
processions. The speakers will be Iñigo Urkullu who is the Basque Prime Minister,
Andoni Ortuzar who is chair of the Basque Nationalist Party, along with a
representative of the Youth Wing of the party. 

to this event is significant to the Ambazonian people in their continuous
efforts to internationalize their very existence as a people and their
liberation struggle from territorial illegal occupation and tyrannical rule by
Cameroon. It reflects strides made in the mobilization of the international
community in favor of the Ambazonian liberation struggle and in their quest for
international recognition.

the invitation to this event, and the participation of the Ambazonian people at
it reflect increased international de-legitimization of the authority of the
Cameroon government over the Ambazonian territory. Historically, just the
Cameroon Ambassador in Spain has been invited to this event. The invitation of
the Ambazonia Governing Council separately from the Cameroon Ambassador and his
entourage does not only imply international recognition that the people of
Ambazonia are separate from the people of Cameroon, but underlines the
recognition of separate leadership or governing authorities over the two peoples
and of their distinct nationhood.  

aside other benefits that will be instrumental subsequently towards sovereign
states recognition of Ambazonia, the Ambazonian people by participating in this
event and taking advantage of the diplomatic role of culture will continue to
build upon and strengthen existing global networks towards the much needed humanitarian
assistance to over 50,000 Ambazonian refugees and more than half a million
internally displaced persons.

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