Military Court Awaits Tapang Ivo, Bareta Oct. 2

Military Court Awaits Tapang Ivo, Bareta Oct. 2

Military Court Awaits Tapang Ivo, Bareta Oct. 2×381.png?fit=415%2C381&ssl=1


Sisiku Ayuk Tabe & Cabinet Sound Alarm from Prison

Despite the invitations to Ambazonia leaders in the diaspora to attend the Yaounde Grand National Dialogue, they might not be attending.

The Ambazonia activists in the diaspora have variously expressed concern that the invitation to them is not only intended for the consumption of the International community, but is a trap to catch them.

Mark Bareta and Tapang Ivo are expected to appear in court tomorrow, October 2.

Tapang Ivo – Wanted

They are accused of Terrorism, Civil war, secession, hospitality against fatherland according to Articles 74, 102, 111, 112 of penal Code, 2, 3, and 8 of Law No. 2014/028 of 20.12.2014.

The case is going on in the military tribunal and was last called up on September 4 according to a cost list drawn up by the military prosecutor known as Commissaire du Gourvenement, Engono Thaddee Eric C.

According to the Sissiku Julius AyukTabe, the leader of the Breakaway Ambazonia Republic, “the timing of the so-called grand dialogue is deliberate” to coincide with the court case tomorrow.

Writing form the Kondengui Principal Prison in Yaounde, Sissiku Ayuk Tabe and his cabinet condemn the arrest, detention and torture of Abdul karim Ali and Ndi Julius.

Following is the statement released to the press over the weekend:

Press Statement by Sisseku Ayuk Tabe and his Cabinet

“We frown at the fact that the Yaoundé regime is using their Grand National dialogue to distract the international community and to lure Ambazonian activists to captivity.

“We castigate the Biya regime for extending invitations to Southern Cameroonian Ambazonian activists in the Diaspora in order to arrest them just like they abducted us in Nigeria despite our refugee /asylum status.

“To the best of our knowledge the case of Mark Bareta and Tapang is going on in the Military Tribunal Yaoundé under (Requet No 00/RP/18 and Saisine du tribunal OMJD No. 006 DU 04.11.2018).

“The world should know that the timing of the so called grand dialogue is well calculated as it coincides with October 02nd, 2019 the next hearing date of Bareta and Tapang Ivo case before the Military Tribunal Yaoundé.

The last hearing was on September 04th, 2019.

“To the best of our knowledge No Nolle Prosequi has been entered in favour of Southern Cameroonian activists who are being hunted by international warrants of arrests and court cases before The Military Tribunal Yaoundé.

How could the Prime Minister Head of government extend invitations to people who are wanted?

“The choice of the prime minister to chair their Yaoundé talks is another insult to the people of southern Cameroons because he is a stooge who represented the government of la Republique du Cameroun in a case brought against them before the Human and People’s Rights Court Banjul Gambia.

The Banjul court ruling was in favour of southern Cameroons thus requesting La Republique du Cameroun to dialogue with the people of Southern Cameroons.

He returned to Cameroun and joined the bandwagon of boot “leakers” who advised their president to tell the people
of southern Cameroons to constitute a political party and win election.

“Your grand dialogue to us is equally designed to lure our forces on ground zero, self defense to sleep so that the occupational forces can desecrate our traditional chiefdom’s like the invasion, looting and indiscriminate shooting at the Bafut Palace by BIR in attempt to coerce the Fon to attend the death-on-arrival dialogue.

“We equally want to reiterate that, the grand dialogue has opened yet another wave kidnapped of southern Cameroonian like Abdul Karim Ali a venerated Muslim Scholar held incommunicado in the dreaded underground cell of SED for several days as we announce.

The authorities at SED have vehemently denied access to his counsel family members.

“Ndi Julius has been kept incommunicado at the Gendarmerie Legion Bamenda for nine days since his abduction. His lawyers and family members cannot access him.

“We conclude that your charade dialogue is above all destined to stall celebrations of 01st October 2019, Independence Day of Southern Cameroons.

Signed. SISIKU AYUKTABE JULIUS President Federal Republic of Ambazonia (Presently illegally incarcerated in Kondengui Prison Principale)


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