Fellow Ambazonians


I have just been briefed that after the great excitement and demonstration of patriotism by our forces, they were attacked by friendly forces. There will be accountability. As we mobilize in preparation to take over complete control of our land, I call on our defense leadership to remain focused on the goal and avoid falling into the trap of our foes.

Fellow citizens

Let me congratulate you for steadfastness and focused. For the past three years, we put in place one of the best revolutionary strategies designed to undermine Cameroun’s political legitimacy, economic exploitation, and military strength and to make our fight for independence an international issue. Through dogged determination and focused, we have achieved all of our set objectives. Cameroun is now basically defeated in our homeland, humiliated and humbled by the brazen people of Ambazonia.

My fellow Amballanders,

No people have been free through loud-sounding speculations or experiments. No people have gained their honour and dignity by appealing to the conscience of their oppressors. No people have gained their independence by hoping that the conspirators of yesterday who still benefit from their oppression will relinquish their position of privilege. There are no short cuts to the attainment of independence; Kennedy once opined that in the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shrink from this responsibility and I know the Ambazonian people have made up their mind to write Cameroun’s obituary as an occupying power.

I understand those who thought we could sing our way to independence; hope our way to freedom or simply use the justness and strength of our case to convince the world and our oppressor that we must be free. I can’t blame those who continue to think that independence is a commodity that can be bought and sold using fine political jargon. I understand those who think, it’s hard; yes, I understand because as a soldier of the revolution I have shared in the perilous endeavors. You and I have endured the pain of occupation and the nagging injustices imposed on us; it is for these same reasons that we must persevere in the strategies that have worked; the strategies have knocked Cameroun off balance; shattered its military might and given our people the power to write their own story.

I am confident in our strategies. I have fate both in our strategies and dedication of our people. It is this fate that has elevated Ambazonia from relative obscurity to a position of an international contender in the decisive phase in the fight for our existence. The Ambazonian people have taken ownership and its reputation as a defiant people have been restored. We shall persist to the end until Cameroun blinks

Fellow Ambazonians

October 1, 2019, will be remembered as the day our soldiers demonstrated a high level of organization, command and control and more importantly their ability to organize our civilian populations and protect them as they celebrated our day of independence. The significance of these actions are huge in our effort to gain recognition as a state.

The coming months are crucial if we must maintain the gains we have made and reverse the loss we have incurred due to naive speculations. We must take the battle to the enemy, crumble their last pockets of resistance, coordinate more and assert control in key strategic areas. The blueprint for this plan is on my desk. You will never regret believing in sticking to a plan and a strategy that makes your Homeland a reality.

My fellow people

You are no longer alone. In the darkest hour of our lives the Americans, Brits, Swiss, Norwegians and others have paid lip service to our injuries. Some have collaborated with our enemy. You are no longer alone Ambazonians. You have a friend who has not failed you. It is the right to arm yourselves. I call on every Ambazonian across the globe to join the Movement. We can knock them off in a few months if we stop, look back at the gains we have made and how we have made them and then look forward and take a stand

Ambazonia is real. Never again shall it be taken away from us. Never again shall we sit and allow aliens to rob us of dignity the right to life and to have hope. You have earned your freedom through sacrifice. Never negotiate it with your oppressor.

God bless this Generation

Dr Cho Ayaba

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