Cyril Ntollo – the face of Cameroun’s dishonest university teachers

Cyril Ntollo – the face of Cameroun’s dishonest university teachers

Cyril Ntollo – the face of Cameroun’s dishonest university teachers

Cyril Ntollo, a university teacher in Cameroun

Bernard Ngalim  November, 06 2019

In an open letter addressed to H.E. Peter Barlerin, United States Ambassador to Cameroon, Cyril Ntollo, a university teacher in Cameroun chastises Barlerin for causing President Donald Trump to terminate Cameroun’s membership in the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). In the letter, Cyril joins his fellow university teachers trained and groomed in Cameroon’s People Democratic Party (CPDM). The CPDM, headed by Paul Biya, the world’s oldest and longest-serving dictator, is the contested ruling party in Cameroun. Unsurprisingly, Cyril Ntollo joined the litany of infamous university teachers like Fame Ndongo, Ngolle Ngolle Elvis, Aboye Manasse, Messanga Nyamding, Nguini Owona, Paul Ghoghomu, Luther Martin Meka, Banda Kani, and others all trained in Biya’s Machiavelli Institute and deployed to enforce brainwashing through manipulations and deceit. It is important to state that President Donald Trump may not very comprising with dictators and their enablers. His words at his first UN appearance “Oppressive regimes cannot endure forever, and the day will come when the … people will face a choice. Will they continue down the path of poverty, bloodshed, and terror?”

still sound real to genocidal and terrorist

In his open letter, Cyril shines the light on the quality of people passing for university professors in Cameroun. Dr. Bernard Fonlon (RIP) in his Genuine Intellectual, enjoined African students to adopt the scientific method in their search for the truth and to put the outcome of their research to the benefit of the community before thinking about themselves. Fonlon equally urged universities to jealously protect academic freedom from all non-academic interferences because freedom guarantees critical thinking. Contrasting a genuine intellectual with products of Paul Biya’s Machiavelli institute – the CPDM instructs any conscious political observer of African affairs that Cyril Ntoko’s open letter is no surprise. These political professors never miss an opportunity to parade their distorted and shallow knowledge of the American legal system, political system, and foreign policy. 

Expectedly, unable to brainwash Ambazonians
for 57 years, these graduates of Biya’s Machiavelli Institute seek refuge in
attacking and castigating anyone who exposes their barbaric, gross, and
excessive violations of human rights and international law. These brainwashing
machines in Paul Biya’s Cameroun attack any liberal voice exposing the falsity
in the chorus praising the world’s worst dictatorship. Throughout history,
dictatorial regimes recruit and train a specific class of teachers to brainwash
populations. Little wonder, Cyril Ntollo, attacked the US Ambassador after the
US President Donald Trump recognized Paul Biya and his military have
consistently committed crimes against humanity, amounting to genocide in
Ambazonia. Cameroun’s state terrorism crafted in Etoudi, enforced by their
military and police in Ambazonia, and defended by their university teachers is
visible. Think of:

76 year old Mami Appih remains after she was killed and burnt alive by La Republique du Cameroun Security forces in Kwakwa
  • More than 200 villages burnt completely as of today;
  • More than 10.000 people killed;
  • Destruction of livestock and food;
  • Children as young as 3 months shot and killed at point-blank distance;
  • Kidnap, rendition, and incommunicado detention of Ambazonians – Sisiku, Balla, Fontem, Justice Ayah, Abdul Karim, and hundreds of thousands of Ambazonians;
  • Transforming Ambazonians to refugees in Nigeria and all over the world
  • Indiscriminate shooting in cities and villages;
  • Indiscriminate kidnap, torture, killing of the clergy;
  • Mass killings in Pinyin, Mbiame, Mbot, Nkambe, etc
  • Slaughtering for human beings like Sam Soya
  • Running of torture centers and concentration camps

Contrasting Fonlon’s Geniune Intellectual to the
quality represented by Cyril Ntoko, the answer is simple – they are dishonest
teachers. These dishonest teachers cannot fathom their terrorism, brainwashing,
and genocide in Ambazonia turned against them. In an attempt to blackmail the
USA and Ambassador Barlerin, the dishonest teacher corroborates President
Trump’s decision that Cameroun is a terrorist state committing genocide in
Ambazonia by admitting they kill Ambazonians because Americans kill blacks in
the USA. To give more teeth to his criticism, Cyril accuses Donald trump of
housing “secessionists” but failed to sanction them. Cyril intentionally fails
to remember four critical facts that all dictators refused to recognize before
their demise. 

First, Tibor Nagy, the US Undersecretary for
African Affairs, told them while visiting Cameroun that if they want the USA to
sanction these “secessionists,” they should bring evidence that “secessionists”
violated American law. Also, Nagy reiterated the fact that violating American
law means trying them in America, not renditioning them to Yaoundé as the
infamous Buhari did with Sisiku and others. 

Second, Cyril decides to forget that a Camerounian lawyer based in the USA filed complaints against some Ambazonian leaders in the states of Texas and California. These courts dismissed one claim entirely and reduced charges in one other case to two counts. How can Cyril accuse the USA of housing “secessionists” and doing nothing about it when American courts are currently hearing cases against Ambazonians? Cyril forgets, unfortunately, that out of the Biya empire, the accused are “innocent until proven guilty” reason the due process of law must follow its course.

 Third, Cyril chooses not to remember
that most Ambazonians resident and living in the USA are refugees who escaped
state terrorism, genocide, and torture internationally directed them simply
because they are Ambazonians. The United States cannot forget that in 1984, the
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) warned Cameroun that their terrorism,
genocide, and torture against Ambazonians would backfire terribly. At that
time, the struggle for Ambazonia’s independence was nascent and matured to an
uncontrollable stage. Pseudo-intellectuals, Cyril, and his colleagues buried
their heads in the sand like the ostrich hoping the US will forget what they
know about Cameroun’s terrorism, genocide, and torture. While burying their
heads, Ambazonians continued feeding America with evidence of genocide, state
terrorism, and torture. 

Fourth, Paul Biya, the genocide master, and
his brainwashing machine, are stuck with Machiavelli’s “distort and reroute the
narrative” strategy. They, unfortunately, they forgot social media had
dispelled the spell the CRTV, Cameroon Tribune, and dishonest teachers spew out
to the world. Successfully escaping from the genocide, Ambazonians graduated
from Machiavelli’s brainwashing machine and used alternative channels to inform
Ambazonians stuck in the dungeons at home. Because alternative communication
channels successfully liberated Ambazonians from Cameroun’s mental prison,
Cyril and his cohorts defended and justified the shutting down of the internet
for about 4 months, yet this did not suffice to re-imprison Ambazonians. Unable
to remedy this, dishonest teachers must show their master they are competent by
attacking Barlerin and the USA of housing secessionists and terrorists and
professing Cameroun’s resilience and millennial strength. 

What about secession?

Is Cyril aware that the USA voted for
Ambazonia’s independence on April 21, 1961? Importantly, the USA is a key
international player in recognition of the rights to self-determination and
self-defense. These rights speak to the individual, personal decision making,
and personal security. The USA has interpreted and enforced these rights to
have a communal bearing. In as much as Cyril decides to deride the USA for
human rights violations, the USA recognizes and champions personal liberties,
freedoms, and rights. The USA is aware that Ambazonians are endangered people
needing international protection. The African Commission of Human and Peoples’
Rights advised Cyril and his cohort of dishonest teachers that Ambazonians are
a people under international law with the right to external self-determination
and that Cyril and his colleagues must respect and enforce this right. 

A people with the right to external
self-determination freely decide their future without any external influence.
Historical wrongs, violations, and injustices even by the UN do not abrogate
the right to self-determination. With this right, Ambazonians are not and will
never be secessionists. With international treaty-based boundaries delimiting
Ambazonia’s international boundaries, Ambazonia cannot secede from

 … and terrorism

Cyril and his class of dishonest intellectuals
failed to read and understand Donald Trump’s letter to Congress. Donald Trump
wrote, “I have determined that the Government of Cameroon currently engages in
gross violations of internationally recognized human rights.” Can Cyril say
Donald does not know the definition of terrorism when he writes, “Cameroon has
failed to address concerns regarding persistent human rights violations being
committed by Cameroonian security forces. These violations include
extrajudicial killings, arbitrary and unlawful detention, and torture.” Cyril,
you are the terrorist and no need expatiating on this. You people shall be
brought to book. Time is a mystery! Does Cyril mean the United States of
American forgot the definition of the right to self-determination? 

Dissatisfied that America caught them
pants-down, Cyril sings the praises of countries that joined them fight Boko
Haram. The same USA that is on the verge of designating Cyril’s choir team, a
terrorist organization for state-sponsored terrorism designated Boko Haram a
terrorist organization. To fight Boko Haram – a terrorist organization, the USA
deployed intelligence, financial, equipment, human, and other resources to
Cameroun to fight Boko Haram. To fight Ambazonia, the USA cut off financial,
human, equipment, and other resources from Cameroun. Cyril and friends – you
cannot praise America for designating Boko Haram a terrorist organization yet,
chastise her for designating you a terrorist organization. Do you say in French
“deux poids-deux mesures”? Try again! 

… and friendships?

Instead of reading the definition of terrorism
contained in Donald Trump’s letter to Congress and Peter Barlerin’s press
statement, Cyril was scanning the two documents for the term ‘friendship.” No
sir, there’s no friendship with terrorists. All those countries siding with you
are either ignorant of your terrorism or are your partners in terrorism.
Talking about friendship, Cyril should understand that Ambazonian advocacy has
a long history and produced useful results. Cyril and his teammates applauded
their colleague Banda Kani when he told Barlerin that he would leave Yaounde in
a coffin. Yet, Cyril expects Barlerin to be friends with him. The Ambazonian
advocacy train left the station and is cruising at very high speed, and there
is nothing Cyril and friends can do about it. 

… what about
Cameroun’s collapse?

A collapsed state is a failed state, and only terrorist
and dictatorial regimes and their advocates believe in their viability and
resilience. Cameroun is a failed state, and only people like Cyril Ntollo who
bury their heads in the sand, see a powerful 5000-year-old Cameroun with a
civilization strong enough to withhold a resilient economy. With their heads
buried in the sand, they propagate brainwashing messages capable of convincing
gullible minds. According to Cyril, Cameroun is 5000 years old, yet the USA
voted for Cameroun’s independence in 1960 and Ambazonia’s independence in 1961.
Didn’t some highly placed and dishonest teacher in Cameroun say 32gb equals 500
GB? Nothing collapses a country like dishonesty. 

A country with 5000 years of civilization and
a resilient economy goes crazy and deploys her brainwashing army to rain
insults on Trump and Barlerin because, in the USA, a 243-year-old nation
accuses the 5000-year-old country of terrorism, genocide, and torture.
Resilient and old countries ignore young and inexperienced countries when they spew
uncorroborated rhetoric. But, how can a 5000-year-old nation beg money,
military, intelligence, equipment, soldiers, etc. from a 243-year-old immature

There is a serious risk when dictators
transform schools into political playgrounds because their teachers become
dishonest, bury their heads in the sand, and only sing praises to the king.
Such dishonest teachers teach their students that they have friends and are
capable of withstanding any disintegration of Cameroun. With their heads in the
sand, they forget their best friend, France depends on the USA and never goes
to war without US support. Still, in the sand, they see nuclear bombs, machine
guns, rocket propellers, etc. all made in Cameroun and exported to the USA to
help the USA fight and kill American blacks. 

These weapons of mass destruction made in
Cameroon and exported to American have succeeded in destroying the Ambazonian
dream since 2016. These Camerounian weapons of mass destruction manufactured
in the sand, and distributed through landslides, river floods, uncountable road
accidents, election rigging, etc. and exported to the USA. Unfortunately, these
have not been enough, and dishonest teachers cannot paint the right image of
their country. They are obliged to pay lobby firms to do the bidding for them
in the USA. Social media beat lobbyists a long time ago. 

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