Ambazonia Rising, America Acting, the French Challenging the Swiss: Hand Writing on the Wall for Beggar Cameroon

Ambazonia Rising, America Acting, the French Challenging the Swiss: Hand Writing on the Wall for Beggar Cameroon

Ambazonia Rising, America Acting, the French Challenging the Swiss: Hand Writing on the Wall for Beggar Cameroon

By Monica C. Nkenganyi AmbaNews24 Correspondent – New York, USA

intransigence of the Cameroon government in conceding to truth and justice that
it illegally occupies Ambazonia in colonial-style, and the Cameroon
government’s associated use of barbaric military tactics to fight against the
Ambazonian people’s quest for self-rule has reached a tipping point with Donald
Trump and Paul Biya facing each other recently.

It is rare
for the president of a country to issue a statement, signed by his own hand,
indicting another country for gross and systematic human rights violations
relating to the self-determination cause of another people. But that is what
President Trump of the USA did on October 31, 2019 when he informed the U.S
Congress that come January 1, 2020, Cameroon will be under U.S economic
sanctions for continuous human rights violations by the Biya government in
Cameroon. “These violations include extrajudicial killings, arbitrary and
unlawful detention and torture,” by Cameroon security forces against the
Ambazonian people in the latter’s legitimate quest for independence and
sovereignty. More than 5,000 people have lost their lives on both sides in a
war that has affected over 3.5million people and caused more than 450,000
persons to become internally displaced and created no less than 35,000 refugees
by United Nation’s records.

In this economic
sanction, Cameroon will be suspended from participation in the Africa Growth
and Opportunity Act (AGOA), from which Cameroon has been fetching billions of
FCFA from the USA. This is what a country where one President, Paul Biya, has
been acting a horror thriller version against civilians since Michael Jackson
released “Thriller” in 1982 deserves for its use of helicopter gunships on
armless Ambazonian protesters.

In the
international community, Cameroon Republic is a beggar! It begs for everything
under the sun from Paris to Beijing, from Russia to the corridors of the IMF
and the World Bank in Washington DC, etc. And when pride and arrogance become
the reigning character of a beggar, he must get ready to sleep for days with an
empty stomach under the rain.

U.S. Amb. Barlerin (left) tells Biya (right) in 2018 to think about his legacy in Resolving the Ambazonia Conflict

When the club
of Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement (CPDM) bigots, a group of Biya hand
clappers took to the media and vilified the respectable U.S. Ambassador to
Cameroon, Peter H. Barlerin for telling Biya to “think about his legacy and act
like Nelson Mandela and George Washington” who favored and fought for the
freedom of the oppressed and the dominated in South Africa and America
respectively, achieving the independence and sovereignty of both nations from
British tyranny, the Biya cronies thought they were attacking armless
Ambazonians who will take six decades to fight back. Unfortunately for them,
they were walking into American carrot landmines ready to explode. In that
statement, Amb. Barlerin told Biya in wise diplomatic words that unless Biya favors
the freedom of the oppressed people of Ambazonia and fights for it irrespective
of the opposition he may get from foes within his ranks and from foreign powers
seeking their self-interest, he will go down in history as a genocidaire, a
violator of human and people’s rights, and a war criminal whom the USA will not

When the
Cameroon government rather persisted in its usual hubris and self-destructive
ego while being a beggar to attack the U.S Undersecretary for African Affairs,
Tibor P. Nagy Jr., accusing him of meddling in Cameroon’s election fraud
politics, they were putting poison inside their own cup of tea. When the same
class of corrupt Cameroon officials seeking favor from an octogenarian Biya
took to the media to beckon their master to “kill Ambazonians like Hitler exterminated
the Jews in the holocaust,” they reinforced the stage to bite the finger that
is feeding them. Time has caught up with Cameroon, and it is only going to get
worst till the king realizes he has no clothes on. 

freedom fighters have brought production in the Cameroon Development Corporation
(CDC) to a virtual halt, forcing the autocratic Cameroon government to be
losing over US $500,000 (FCFA 300million) every month. The lone oil refinery in
Ambazonia’s territory, SONARA, which Cameroon relied on for over U.S $100million
(FCFA 59billion, 450million) every year in revenue to run its tyrannical state
stands today in ruins, consumed by a fire in June this year with no insurance
to rebuild. There is no hope that the refinery will become functional in the
next two years.

Just when the
economic sabotage strategies of Ambazonian guerilla fighters are running
Cameroon’s coffers dry – forcing the Cameroon state to become incapable of
paying many public service workers – Trump slams economic sanctions on despotic
Cameroon that will further deprive the authoritarian regime of U.S $477,744,402
(CFA 284billion) in foreign trade revenue annually. This is coming less than a
year after the USA in January 2019 placed military sanctions on Cameroon, suspending
U.S. $17million (CFA 10billion) in military aid to the Biya’s government for
gross human rights violations and use of U.S military equipment meant for the
fight against Boko Haram to rather slaughter Ambazonian civilians.

The sanctions
announced by President Trump exactly one month after the Biya’s Major National Dialogue
in Cameroon ended are America’s symbolic rejection of the National Dialogue as
too little, too late. They constitute the U.S.A’s message to Cameroon that the
organization and outcome of the dialogue event that has yielded no fruits were
nothing but a distraction. The Yaoundé regime, it should be noted, continued
its senseless killings and burning down of houses, villages and towns in
Ambazonia while it was holding the National Dialogue, dubbed “Biyalogue”.

Yes, the
National Dialogue was a distraction advised by the French Minister of Europe
and Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian. Its purpose was to divert
international attention from the scrutiny of Cameroon’s barbarism against the Ambazonian
people, which had received damning resolutions in the Basque Country
Parliament, in the European Union, and in the USA Congress. It was intended to
get the international community off the back of Cameroon – but all efforts fell
off the cliff in barely one month when President Trump, through the economic
sanctions, basically told Biya that the Yaoundé regime cannot fool the world.

recent sanction from the U.S is also coming at a time when Cameroon is unable
to tap the money it was expecting from the sale of concessions at the seaport
in Douala. There, the French and the Swiss are in a standoff. The Swiss
company, Terminal Investment Limited (TIL) had offered in its bid 40% shares to
Cameroon nationals and promised to give the Biya’s government U.S $601million
(FCFA 357billion) in 15years. The French company, Bollore Group that has
operated the seaport from 2005 to 2018 offered no such lucrative deal in its
tender – it rather proposed to give U.S $105million (FCFA 62billion) to the
Cameroon State within the same 15years period.

French Foreign Minister, Jean-Yves Le Drian (left) meets with Paul Biya (right) in Oct. 2019 to seek favor for French company, Bollore Group

Once Bollore
Group noticed that it was not among the list of pre-selected candidates for the
seaport, it filed a lawsuit at the Littoral Administrative Court in Douala. The
French government quickly got Biya to put an end to further transactions between
the seaport authorities and the Swiss TIL until the lawsuit is settled.

whoever knows Cameroon must understand that court judgements in the decadent
society are dictated by the will of the Presidency and not a law in any book
whenever Biya decides so!

The French
are ready to go tooth and nail to fight off the new “intruder” into Cameroon’s
authoritarian state affairs, namely, Switzerland. The French are daily
reminding Biya that when Jean-Bedel Bokassa, the first President of the Central
African Republic was assassinated for going against French interest, it was on
French orders by former Foreign legionnaire David Dacko. The French are daily
in the ears of Biya reminding him that per the colonial accord between Cameroon
and France, the resources in the Cameroon banana republic are at the beg and
call of France until when France decides it has no interest in them. De Gaulles
are reminding Paul Biya that they did not spare Laurent Gbagbo and Muammar
al-Gaddafi when both took economic policy positions contrary to the whims and
caprices of France.

Swiss are not ready to let go either! On October 28, 2019, the Swiss Ambassador
to Cameroon, Pietro Lazzeri met with Biya, bearing a sealed envelope from the
Swiss President that emphasized Switzerland’s prima position in the seaport.

The Swiss have attempted to look like
a neutral party in their offer to mediate an end to the Ambazonian conflict.
However, both their economic interest in Ambazonia’s cocoa and the seaport in
Douala is causing Biya, by his endorsement of the French lawsuit over the award
of the seaport concessions to TIL, to tell the Swiss in diplomatic terms: “you
are here for your own interest, and the Satan I know is better than the devil I
don’t know!” 

Biya receives Swiss Amb. Lazzeri at the Unity Palace

For how long
will Biya hold the guard and fight off the Swiss for the interest of the French?
Almost all of his money mainly acquired by looting resources in Ambazonia is
banked in Switzerland. The Swiss in their own dirty hands have welcomed such
capital flight for over four decades of Biya’s rule as it serves the economic
interest of Switzerland. Will the Swiss be bold enough to freeze those accounts
in another round of western sanctions to force the Biya’s regime to succumb to Switzerland’s
rising interest in the totalitarian Cameroon Republic, or will they continue to
play “diplomatic” games while the Cameroon government continues exterminating
Ambazonians? What the Swiss do will put their credibility on the line before
the Ambazonian people once and for all! Time will tell, and the clock is ticking

If the
Ambazonian people ever wondered whether the economic sabotage strategy
promulgated by their liberation struggle leader, Dr. Cho Ayaba will bear fruit
– they have reason now to believe they have been on the right track and
Cameroon will come crashing sooner or later. If the people of Ambazonia ever
doubted whether the internationalization of their struggle was producing
positive results, they have reason now to press even further as they look at
the state of affairs and node their heads in the affirmative. If Biya thought
that by declaring war on the Ambazonian people on November 30, 2017 he was
beginning an easy ride to crush a people determined to free themselves from
oppression, dominion, and illegal annexation of the their Ambazonian homeland, then
he must now know that he took a pill too bitter to swallow.

leadership have to strategically take advantage of the squabbles over the
Douala seaport, and the hammer from Trump on the head of Biya to achieve their
own success. They must understand that no one, neither the Swiss nor the French
are in this to help them: they are all in to save Cameroon for themselves in
their rational choice, self-interest political economy outlook. They must think
critically, analytically and strategically to turn the current game in their
favor. This has to begin with increasing their defense capacity to take static
control of their territory and giving Cameroon a solid knockout punch that will
change the perception of the possible outcome of the ongoing self-determination
cause in the eyes of all visible foreign actors such as the Swiss, the French
and the Americans, and the invisible hands behind the scene such as the Chinese
and the Russians. Time is of the essence, and it waits for no one!!

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