Congresswoman Karen Bass and Dr. Denis Atemnkeng

By Denis Atemnkeng , Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

“I am alarmed by by the recent kidnapping of local officials and parliamentary candidates by armed separatists. These actions are counterproductive and not conducive to solving the conflict in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon. Those advocating for independence must understand that preying on innocent Cameroonians who simply want to exercise their civic duties will not help them get any closer to an independent state. I encourage separatists to commit to peacefully resolving the conflict in order for the country to have open and fair elections for all in 2020”. Karen Bass.

The People of the Southern are fully aware of the tremendous efforts
America is deploying to resolve the conflict in Cameroon. They stand by
America, continue to look up to America and appreciate all her efforts. They want to work with America and remain cooperative and as
understanding as possible.

The above statement of Congresswoman Karen Bass naturally caused
concern among the people of the Southern Cameroons. We refuse to
believe that as woman of Black descent she would have any difficulties
in understanding those who live under foreign domination, subjugation
and annexation. She has access to all the evidence to see that the
relationship is one of colonisation, for there has never been any union or
any terms by which Cameroon rules the Southern Cameroons. Only the
relation between master and slave is without terms. It is possible that
her workers prepared the statement for her. We are convinced that
whatever her links with Cameroon, she would not accept the slavery in
which the people of the Southern Cameroons are living. Her links with
Cameroon cannot prevail over her enlightenment! Even if she chooses to
say that Black lives do not matter, it would only be a matter of time
before it dawns on her that she cannot join others to promote conflicts, colonisation and domination of one people by another in Africa. If the
conflicts in Africa are to be resolved peacefully, those aiding the process
must abide by international instruments, chief among which are the UN
Charter and the African Union Constitutive Act.

Given the state,ent, we are forced therefore to remind the international
community of the following:

  1. No one is innocent who aids and abets the colonisation and external domination and subjugation of his own people. Such are traitors and criminals, not innocent citizens. No people and no country has ever accepted traitors. There are no civic duties to be exercised by any citizen of the the Southern Cameroons for the Republic of Cameroon within the Southern Cameroons’ territory. All those aiding the killers of our people are enemies and will be treated as such.
  2. The people of the Southern Cameroons have banned Cameroon colonial elections in their territory, including the 2020 elections. Anyone aiding and abetting such elections is a collaborator and will be dealt with accordingly.
  3. The people of the Southern Cameroons are the only and sole owners of the territory of the Southern Cameroons and no denial, whether by Cameroun or foreigners, will change this fact. They will defend their territorial integrity come rain, come shine!
  4. Foreigners and bystanders who are suffering nothing are in
    no position to tell the People of the Southern Cameroons whether they are colonised or not, especially if these foreigners refuse to see the pile of evidence and cannot show the smallest proof of their point. Their agenda is to keep the Southern Cameroons colonised. They are simply
    accomplices of the colonisation.
  5. A referendum or a way of hearing from the people themselves is the only way to determine whether the people of the Southern Cameroons are living with Cameroun by force of arms or voluntarily.
  6. Lobby groups, impersonators and misrepresentation of the people of the Southern Cameroons by all those trying by all means to suppress the voice of the people and impose their views will have no place if the international community does not encourage misrepresentation. There is absolutely no reason for third parties to represent the people of the Southern Cameroons who can be consulted through a UN organised referendum. The people of the Southern Cameroons have a voice and can speak for themselves through a UN-organised referendum.
  7. We expect those who are alarmed by the arrest of collaborators aiding and abetting the illegal occupation of the Southern Cameroons to be more alarmed at the daily slaughter of the people of the Southern Cameroons by the military of the foreign country of Cameroon. Selectively being alarmed by acts of the victims will not help the aggressors consider their atrocities.
  8. The people of the Southern Cameroons are not “separatists”. They are anti-colonialists; pro-independence; anti-slavery. They are the only and true owners of the territory of the Southern Cameroons; their territory is under invasion; the evidence cannot be contradicted. The
    international community must decide whether it wants to act on the basis of evidence or on the basis of its own agenda to keep Africa in conflict.
  9. The people of the Southern Cameroons are committed to peace now and they have been committed to a peaceful resolution of the conflict with Cameroon since 1961 when their territory was illegally occupied. In addition, they did not declare this war and have no means of ending the war. We can only refer to the evidence of their peaceful commitment based on international law: from the Abuja High Court Ruling in 2002; to the many cases at the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights, all in favour of the Southern Cameroons, to the several appeals to the United Nations. While the people of the Southern Cameroons have been firmly committed to peace based on
    international instruments, the international community has ignored and refused to consider the international instruments which are the basis of peace in the world! The international community has failed to respond to the peaceful approaches of the People of the Southern
    Cameroons. To the international community, only war and slaughter is accepted as a conflict. Even today, and in the midst of a savage and genocidal war, the international community is still playing politics with the case: it is still to speak of truth, justice and the rule of law. These are the only bases for a peaceful settlement. It continues, maliciously and without the smallest evidence, to refer to the territory of the Southern Cameroons as parts of the foreign country of Cameroon, the country that has annexed and colonised the Southern Cameroons. The international community must accept the fact that it contributed to this war by its silence and refusal to intervene in time. It has, through its attitude, encouraged the conflict, ignored truth
    and justice and pretended to ignore international instruments governing the case.The people of the Southern Cameroons stand ready for a peaceful settlement, but must continue to defend their territory against all enemies, both internal and external.
  10. No matter what Cameroon says, this conflict is an international conflict. The international community has the option to show the same commitment that the people of the Southern Cameroons have shown by pushing for a solution based on truth, justice and the rule of law. So far, they have rather been nursing the conflict by refusing to examine the mountains of evidence showing that the Southern Cameroons is annexed and colonised by Cameroon and therefore the only solution must be the decolonisation of the Southern Cameroons.
  11. The people of the Southern Cameroons continue to appeal to the international community to realize that there is no way this conflict can be resolved by avoiding the facts; by denying the evidence; by imposing foreign solutions; by maliciously, and without evidence, continuing to refer to the British Southern Cameroons as parts of Cameroun; by rejecting international law; by rejecting truth, justice and the rule of law or by thinking that Africa is just a play ground
    for foreign agendas because African lives do not matter. The more conflicts are stirred up or maintained in Africa, the more refugees will flow to America and Europe and the more instability and underdeveloped Africa will be. If this is the goal of the international community, the people of the Southern Cameroons firmly reject it.

We thank you for reading this letter and do hope that the international community will see this conflict for what it is and respond appropriately.

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