Jan 1: Happy Independence Day to La Republique du Cameroun

Jan 1: Happy Independence Day to La Republique du Cameroun

Jan 1: Happy Independence Day to La Republique du Cameroun


Celebrations to mark the independence of Cameroon (Yaoundé, 3 January 1960

Ewang D. James, AmbaNews24 Douala, Cameroun

It is January 1, 2020, exactly 60 years since Cameroun formally became independent from France. Happy Independence Day to La Republique du Cameroun from AmbaNews24 in the State of Ambazonia that got its independence on October 1, 1961.

To citizens of Cameroun: For so long you were deceived that 20th May is your National Day – and you took that for your Independence Day. We are sorry for that distortion of your history by your government and France. Their goal was to hide the truth from you that Ambazonia is a separate nation.

On 27 July 1960, on his first official visit to Paris, the first President of the Republic of Cameroon (1960–1982), Ahmadou Ahidjo, is welcomed by French President Charles de Gaulle. Independence

As we wish you happy Independence Day, we wonder, however, how it can truly be “happy” for you when:

  • You have a tyrant, dictator and killer in your Presidency in the name of Paul Biya who has turned your Republique into a “monarchy Biyapublique”;
  • Biya’s wife, Chantal Biya, may not make it through the year as her Leukemia – cancer of the blood – enters a worse state in 2020;
  • Cameroun children live in dilapidated homes; your neighborhood streets are untarred; and clean water is a far dream delicacy;
  • Your forest and other natural resources are being depleted daily by foreign interest companies without commensurate development in your
  • Bribery, corruption, capital flight and embezzlement of state funds is like oxygen that your government, judiciary, police, gendarmes, etc breadth daily;
  • Millions of your children sit in open air in thr name of classrooms, with no walls, no study desks, and palm fronts for a roof;
  • Your land is poverty stricken, and democracy has been replaced with kakistocracy and Etoudi aristocracy;
  • CPDM ricks every election in your country;
  • Your military and police is a group of barbarians who beat you on the streets in every protest you dare to mount, etc
  • Today, January 1, 2020, your suspension from the African Growth and Opportunity Act takes effect. As from today, you will loss over 200billion cfa this year, and every other year, because of this economic sanction from the USA due to your horrible human rights records against the Ambazonian nation. This is your New Year, Birthday and Independence Day gift from the USA. When President Trump decided that it will take effect today, the choice of the day was not by accident; it was a symbolic message that you, Cameroun, which became independent on January 1st is a destroyer of a separate and distinct nation and people called Ambazonia. It was a reminder of your history and record.
  • For sixty years, since Jan. 1, 1960, you have remained a colony of France with your financial reserves all in the French treasury, being used to develop France. And when you need it, you go and take your own money from France as a debt at high interest rate. This New Year is another year that this practice that impoverishes you continues, and you do nothing about it but die in poverty.
03 Jan 1960, Douala, Cameroon — Douala, Cameroon: Kamerun, [Cameroon], Now An Independent African State. Kamerun’s Premier Ahmadou Ahidjo, right, chats with France’s delegate to the Independence ceremonies Minister of State Louis Jacquinot, during the parade in this biggest port city of the new African Independent State. Ceremonies and festivities were staged in the country 1st January to celebrate the independence of Kamerun, a former French protectorate. Violence broke out the day before between government forces and rebels, but no outbreak marred the ceremonies themselves. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

It is 60 years of nothing to show for, except your record of destroying Ambazonia: destroying its democratic political institutions, dismantling is vibrant economy infrastructure, turning its airports into farmlands and your military bases, shutting down its hydro power dams, looting its resources, destroying its education and legal systems, killing tens of thousands of its citizens, burning down thousands of its homes, torturing thousands of its citizens in your concentration camps called “prisons” in Yaounde and Douala, and maiming its people. These are the only things you can boast of.

Well, since wishing you a happy Independence Day is an interstate formality, accept one from the nation of Ambazonia.

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