Week of Fire and Blood as Cameroon Soldiers Burn Houses and Massacre Women in Bum and Bali Nyonga

Week of Fire and Blood as Cameroon Soldiers Burn Houses and Massacre Women in Bum and Bali Nyonga

Week of Fire and Blood as Cameroon Soldiers Burn Houses and Massacre Women in Bum and Bali Nyonga


House Burnt by Cameroun Military in Bali-Nyonga, and owner beaten to the pulp

Christopher Buma AmbaNews24, Bamenda Ambazonia

Beginning on Saturday, Jan.11 to yesterday, Jan. 17,
Cameroon military forces and their ally militias have burnt down more than 230
houses in Bum in the northern region of Ambazonia, turning the Lake Nyos
disaster survivor’s settlement area into a land of tears and smoke. The
soldiers set homes in Kimbi, Bua Bua, Su-bum, Mulung and Kichowi on fire.

Cameroon soldiers had killed over nineteen people before
a contingent of Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF) and other Ambazonian
independence fighters deployed to the locality and began gun battles to stop
the atrocities, barbarism, torture and other human rights abuses that the
Cameroon military was perpetuating in the area unchecked.

Destruction of homes in Bali-Nyonga by Cameroon military

AmbaNews24 has
confirmed that two ADF fighters were wounded on their way into Bum as the
Cameroon forces mounted war opposition to their incursion. However, the
Ambazonian fighters finally succeeded to enter Bum as the Cameroon military
terminated the counter-incursion operation, probably from sustained injuries or
battle deaths.

In another incidence of the week, Cameroon soldiers
invaded Bali Nyonga on Friday, January 17, 2020 after Ambazonian independence
fighters there destroyed an armored car killing over six Cameroon elite
military officers known as the Rapid Intervention Battalion – the BIRs.

Fearing that they will suffer more casualties if they
faced the Ambazonian fighters, the Cameroon soldiers rather turned their
frustration against innocent unarmed civilians in a far-off neighborhood in the
locality. There, they went from house to house beating women and children, and
looting stores in another string of terrorist-style human rights abuses that
have characterized the Cameroon military for years. At least nine women and
four teenagers were killed by the BIRs while the victims were trying to escape
into the bush for safety.

In one victim’s home, Cameroon soldiers extorted
880,000frs cfa at gun point from a businessman whose name AmbaNews24 has hitherto
gathered as a certain Mr. Ngong Blasius.  

More scorched earth policy carried out by LRC forces against Bali- Nyonga against the local population

A source at the Ministry of Territorial Administration in
Yaoundé has noted that the Biya’s regime is increasingly feeling frustrated
that its National Dialogue and resultant offer of “Special Status” to
“anglophones” has yielded zero results in swinging the pendulum of the ongoing
Ambazonia liberation struggle to its end. The Ambazonian population has rather
seen the “special status” as an abuse to their peoplehood and statehood, and
has increased its disgust for decades of oppression, occupation and rule by
Cameroon. This has infuriated the Biya regime, causing it to settle fully for a
military option as “the only route to end this Ambazonia struggle,” the source
said on condition of anonymity. 

The ongoing atrocities of the Yaoundé regime are clear
reminders that the Ambazonian people can never find life, happiness, peace and
security existing as part of the Cameroon Republic. They add to a train of
tyranny and barbarism that has forced the Ambazonian people to conclude once
and for all that their safety, peace and happiness can only be found and
guaranteed in a sovereign country of their own, free from all rule, governance,
oppression and domination by Cameroon. They quickly remind the international community
that attempts to push for decentralization as a solution to the ongoing
conflict are simply prolonging the war, causing the destruction of towns and
villages, and leading to the massacre of women and children.

Above all, these events tell the Ambazonian people that
they must return to the basics of blockbyblock guerilla warfare system in which
every neighborhood in Ambazonia has a trained and well-armed cell, coordinating
operations with other blocks in an ever ready to strike the enemy and to defend
civilians system that spreads, thins, wears out,  confuses, destabilizes, demoralizes, takes
down daily and ultimately defeats the enemy in the long run.

Ambazonians must shake off the shackles of distractions
and deceit from local opportunists who have taken advantage of the ongoing war
to position themselves politically within the Cameroon government structure,
from diaspora power mongers who pride themselves in governance titles at a time
the liberation of the homeland  and the
protection of women and children therein is primordial, and from do-nothing
international community actors who continue making speeches, releasing press
statements, pretending to care while maintaining the status quo and
prioritizing their interests, and holding countless meetings with zero effect
on the Yaoundé regime as Biya continues its massacre of the Ambazonian people
and razing of their towns and villages.

If the Ambazonian people desire freedom, they must fully turn their attention to the homeland NOW, fully up their military capabilities, put in their money where they know will lead to arms acquisition and a true block-by-block and neighborhood-by-neighborhood guerilla warfare, effectively liberate and take control of large segments of their territory from Cameroon’s presence and rule – thus, creating safe zones themselves for the local population. The thought that some forces from the west or the African Union will come and do this is a far fetched dream. Either Ambazonians re-energize themselves and achieve these things themselves or they shall be annihilated by Cameroon.

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