Maurice Kamto Confirms Ambazonians Must Enforce Their Right To Self-Determination

Maurice Kamto Confirms Ambazonians Must Enforce Their Right To Self-Determination

Maurice Kamto Confirms Ambazonians Must Enforce Their Right To Self-Determination

By Brian Ajume – AmbaNews24 Correspondent

Ambazonia’s right to self-determination, legal international personality, and international boundaries under international law remain irrefutable. Despite these facts embedded in UN Resolutions, International Law, the decision of the African Commission of Human and People Rights, Professor Maurice Kamto joined Cameroon’s government, political class, and opinion leaders to reject the International Legal developments consequences on Ambazonia and Ambazonians’ wishes.

Maurice Kamto, a renowned Professor of International Law and Lawyer with vast experience in international law and leading opposition leader in Cameroon manifested condescending bad faith vis-à-vis Ambazonians in Montreal Canada. In an academic symposium last week at the University of Montreal on “International Law and the Incomplete Decolonization,”

Maurice Kamto analyzed the decolonization process from pre-1884 Berlin Conference and clarified the use of technical terms including protectorate, colony, mandate territory, trust territory, the right to self-determination including others. He equally used concrete examples to demonstrate the relevance of these terms, their consequences on international law, and the present situation of chaos on the African continent. He mentioned cases like the Archipelagos Island which the International Court of Justice recently adjudicated the United Kingdom violated their right to self-determination.

Curiously, he avoided mention of the Ambazonian War of Independence which is grounded in international law, evident to him and affects his life directly. Without prejudice, Ambazonia is the most glaring example of international law’s failure to ensure complete decolonization in Africa. Avoiding Ambazonia in a conversation anchored on international law and world history betrays a sense of bad faith and demonstrates Cameroon’s innate desire to assimilate Ambazonia.

Paul Biya, Cameroon’s 87-year-old dictator who has been in power for 34 years recently declared in Paris that all Cameroon’s attempts to assimilate Ambazonia failed because Ambazonians are fully conscious of their international legal personality, right to self-determination, and international boundaries. Cameroon’s assimilation attempts date back to 1961 with Cameroon imposing its constitution on Ambazonia.

Recent events including Maurice Kamto’s bad faith in Montreal recently consolidates mounting evidence that a change in Cameroon’s leadership will only maintain Cameroon’s assimilation policy. A regime change in Cameroon will not orchestrate the peaceful enforcement of Ambazonia’s right to self-determination because Cameroon’s political class seeks to enhance their assimilation over Ambazonia. This assimilation policy is responsible for the more than 8000 deaths in Ambazonia caused by Cameroon’s government and military between 2016 and now.

Kamto’s decision to join Cameroon’s political class to reject Ambazonian right to self-determination is even more dangerous because he is intentionally refusing a fact well-grounded in international law. Recently, he requested the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights to adjudicate on his election results yet he discards the Commission’s jurisprudence which recognized Ambazonia’s international personality and right to self-determination under international law.

Analysts have argued that his refusal to recognize Ambazonia as a different people from Cameroun under international law is down to his fear of losing Cameroon’s electorate. If that be the case, this argument only consolidates the fact that Cameroon’s policy to assimilate Ambazonia is engraved in the DNA of all Cameroonians.

Dr Cho Ayaba Lucas

Ayaba Cho Lucas, the leader of the Ambazonian Governing Council affirms Ambazonian independence is founded in international law and Ambazonians must liberate the territory from the occupying forces from Cameroon. Therefore, the Ambazonian War of Independence shall linger until guns and bullets subjugate one party to the others’ rule. The international community has an unbending duty to set the records straight, visit international law and UN Resolutions on the Southern Cameroons, and enforce Southern Cameroon’s right to external self-determination.

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