Maurice Kamto Snubs Ambazonians but Uses the War for Political Gain

Maurice Kamto Snubs Ambazonians but Uses the War for Political Gain

Maurice Kamto Snubs Ambazonians but Uses the War for Political Gain

Cameroun’s opposition figure, Maurice Kamto, last
week, snubbed Southern Cameroonians by turning down several requests for
meetings during his international tour. The MRC leader who declared himself winner
of La Republique du Cameroun’s 2018 presidential and whose party has boycotted
the February 9, 2020 elections in his country was on tour in North America to
meet his supporters

During his meetings in Canada and the USA, he is reported to have rejected requests for meetings by Ambazonian who showed up at the events. A video published online from Mr Kamto’s February 8 event in Toronto show some individuals with Ambazonian colours very angry at the fact that Mr Kamto had refused to meet with them because they wore Ambazonian regalia and carried the Ambazonia flag. One of the individuals, identified as Efuange Khumbah, explained that, “Even when we conceded to keep the flags away, he will not accept,” He also claimed that “Kamto is only using the Anglophone crisis to get to power. He is not interested in talking to us, and no one should waste his or her time.” Mr Kamto is also reported to have snubbed Ambazonians who attended his event in Washington DC on the 9th of February.

Ambazonians snubbed by Maurice Kamto in Toronto, Canada

There have been very strong reactions to Mr
kamto’s rejection of Ambazonians, despite his claim of being a unifying
political option for Cameroun. Many Ambazonians view the MRC leader’s action as
an expression of deep hatred of Southern Cameroonians especially those standing
up for the rights of the people. Many commentators agree with Mr Efuange’s
claim that Mr Kamto is just using the Ambazonian genocide for his political
gain especially as the list of individuals, he read out in his speech in Paris,
who should be released from jail by the Cameroun government did not include any
Southern Cameroonian.

Other pundits, however, doubt the motives of
the so called Ambazonians who attended the Kamto meeting. One very vocal Ambazonian
voice known simply as The Analyst commented that, “This was simply a publicity stunt by some individuals seeking to gain
relevance in the Ambazonian revolution. Mr Kamto is looking after his political
interest and the interest of his country, La Republique Du cameroun. They know
that he has consistently and very vocally stood against the Ambazonian
revolution. At this time when Ambazonians are focusing liberating, homeland,
why are these individual, seeking meetings with politicians from Cameroun who
have explicitly express their rejection of our right to self-determination?”

“What do these guys
seek to achieve by meeting Mr kamto? Are they hoping to gain his favour in the
hope that he becomes president of Cameroun and the Ambazonian aspiration for
independence fails?”
 The Analyst asked rhetorically and describes
the said Ambazonians as “simply at best comedians
and opportunists in the Ambazonian Revolution”

Asked about Mr Kamto’s end-gain regarding
Ambazonia, The Analyst explained “Mr Kamto
is an international legal expert and knows fully well that international law is
on the side of Ambazonia. He knows that his country has no case against the
independence of the former trust territory of British Southern Cameroons known
today as Ambazonia. All he is doing now is use the current situation for his
political advantage. Seen meeting Ambazonians at this moment will only give the
Biya regime political and even legal bullets to fire at him and also alienate some
his supports who hate Ambazonians. He also knows that meeting some Ambazonian
will make no difference as the most relevant Ambazonian leaders, Sisseko Ayuk
Tabe and Dr Cho Ayaba Lucas, who have influence over the Ambazonian people,
have rejected any union between Cameroun and Ambazonia. My advice is that
Ambazonians should focus on the liberation of homeland and targeted
international diplomacy”

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