Barrister Shufai Blaise Clarifies Nera 9’s Tassang Disclaimer

Barrister Shufai Blaise Clarifies Nera 9’s Tassang Disclaimer

Barrister Shufai Blaise Clarifies Nera 9’s Tassang Disclaimer

Comrade good evening and thanks for your concern and the need to get our own side of the story with respect to our disclaimer of Deacon Tassang’s letter on Prof Kamto. I’m particularly proud of you that you brought this to my attention, which is the right thing to be done when in doubt or when faced with a similar situation.

Permit me state here that we wrote the disclaimer and take responsibility of it. We wrote the disclaimer after careful deliberations, putting Ambazonia first. The 3rd paragraph of our disclaimer speaks for itself.

Let me now address the issue relating to our disclaimer.

  1. You are aware of recent calls to chase the Bamilikis out of Ambazonia (If you haven’t gotten the calls, I could send some to you). This exactly is falling into the enemy’s trap to push us into a war of many more fronts. Deacon’s Letter which is indeed an attack on Prof Kamto (who is a Bamiliki) is seen as fanning such flames. We do not subscribe to that school of thought.
  2. Deacon’s letter highlights a meeting which we sent a delegation of 4. This is the particular reason why we had to step in because he brings us into the picture. Without bringing us in here, it wouldn’t have attracted our disclaimer. We can’t recall the particular meeting with a delegation of 4 he is talking of, but can recall two meetings with a delegation of 3 each. In one of our meetings with Deacon present, we received an invitation from Prof Kamto’s team for a discussion. We sent a delegation of 3 persons ( he was nominated to be part of the delegation but he turns it down). The Committee met with Kamto’s team the first time and got the purpose of the meeting which was to understand the bases of our struggle and to find out areas of collaboration. The team brought this message back to us all and we agreed that we are not interested in Cameroun’s issues but in our Southern Cameroons only. So as it relates to Cameroun there was no area of collaboration. The team took this message back to Prof Kamto’s team in a second meeting. We had to disclaim because the meeting he indicated never took place, and his silence on the issues discussed in the two other meetings give room for manipulation and doubts in the minds of both Ambazonians and Prof Kamto’s followers. Deacon Tassang, therefore, lied about a meeting that never took place and in so doing he went ahead to insinuate and conclude that there was an agreement with Prof Kamto without which the Professor now unduly presented with us as schemers would have acted differently. His lies which carry with it the heavyweight of this self-imposed religious title of “Deacon” was already being cited as gospel truth on local/international media. A man who knows the truth and deliberately misinforms the public is not well-intentioned!!
  3. He questions Prof Kamto’s Academic and Professional titles and pulls him into the mud with undignifying scathing defamatory language (See the last line of paragraph 4 and the last sentence of his letter). In a similar light, he described Prof as the unfortunate candidate of the Cameroun’s Presidential Election. We find it absurd and degrading of a man (Prof Kamto) standing up for his rights. We are not in the habit of mixing up personality with issues, talkless of trying to belittle anyone as the letter does. (Our silence in the face of such concocted and targeted malicious outings against us would lend credence on this).
  4. Prof Kamto and other respected persons in the CRM sacrificed their political careers on grounds of the ongoing conflict in Ambazonia. They always mention and also internationalize awareness of the conflict, in high places. This we know and therefore do not see how he merits such attacks.

These are the main reasons that necessitated our disclaimer.

A few people have raised the fact that he wrote the letter in his personal name. That is true and we also agree that he is entitled to his opinion and we make this very clear in paragraph two of our disclaimer. However, they say so because they are not aware that among us, Deacon had been nominated our Press Secretary and many may take his personal views for the group’s position so it was important we disclaimer because the view in the letter does not in any way reflect our collective view. Also note that we wrote the disclaimer in our names and not his, and except we are not entitled to our own opinions and writing in our own names.

However, I pray that these few clarifications have enlightened you and laid the matter to rest so that we could focus on struggle.

Pls, should you have further questions, not necessarily on this matter that you think you will need to get our side, do not hesitate to ask me Thanks …

Shufai BB

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