Ambazonia says “No Ceasefire during Coronavirus Pandemic” Unless Cameroun Ceases Fire too

Ambazonia says “No Ceasefire during Coronavirus Pandemic” Unless Cameroun Ceases Fire too

Ambazonia says “No Ceasefire during Coronavirus Pandemic” Unless Cameroun Ceases Fire too

Lysinge Walters

Ambazonia liberation leadership has said
there will be no ceasefire in the Ambazonia independence struggle during the
Covid-19 pandemic unless Cameroun also withdraws its troop from the streets of
Ambazonia into its barracks.

This comes at a time when the UN Chief, Antonio Guterres on Monday, March 23, 2020, called for a universal ceasefire in all conflicts around the world for the world to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to AmbaNews24,
“Commander Focus” in Muyuka said, “We are not saying there can never be a
ceasefire. No! We are saying that it has to be negotiated and both Ambazonia
and Cameroun have to agree to the terms of the ceasefire. We are not fools!
Cameroun has been trying to move its soldiers around and position them behind
our lines to wipe us out. Anyone who says we should unilaterally ceasefire and
give Cameroun soldiers the room to position themselves freely in our
communities and wipe us out easily now or in future does not have our interest
at heart. He is a traitor and works for the enemy.”

In a Declaration signed on March 26, 2020, by the Vice-President of the Ambazonia Governing Council, Dr Julius Nyih, the Council stroke a balance between the need to maintain the defense of the Ambazonian people and to provide medical services to any Ambazonian who may become infected by the virus during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Council in this regard declared as quoted below:

  1. There shall not be a unilateral ceasefire in the Ambazonia War of Independence because of the Covid-19 pandemic – to permit such unilateral action will be to provide Cameroun unhindered access to everywhere in our towns and villages, where both during and after the Coronavirus pandemic, Cameroun soldiers will continue their genocidal massacre of the Ambazonian people and the setting ablaze of Ambazonian urban and rural areas;
  • Any ceasefire to deal with the Coronavirus pandemic must be under terms agreed by the parties – thus, to ensure the necessary protection of the Ambazonian people during the current cycle of the spread of the coronavirus, the Cameroun government must consent to and withdraw its military from the streets of Ambazonia to their barracks;
  • The Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF) and all allied forces should continue to defend the people of Ambazonia from all military offensives and aggression of the Cameroun government that seek to annihilate the Ambazonian people during and after the current spread of the Coronavirus pandemic;
  • The Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF) and all allied forces in all the thirteen states of Ambazonia should continue to provide safe passage to verified and validated humanitarian aid workers to ensure that they can provide unhindered medical services to the Ambazonian people, especially the internally displaced persons in order to enable an effective response by aid workers in the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic;
  • The Ambazonian people, both in the homeland and in the diaspora, should
    adopt all necessary hygienic and social distancing measures necessary to
    prevent the spread of the Covid-19; and
  • Humanitarian aid workers are reminded to carry out their duties in
    accordance with the principles of humanity and neutrality in armed conflict

Echoing the same stand, Dabney Yerima, Vice President of Seseku Ayuk’s “Interim Government – Care” wrote on March 26: “We have not called any ceasefire at this time, as we are only fighting off aggression.” 

Chris Anu, Communication Secretary of the
Ikome Sako IG Group also released on social media a flyer that bears the
message, “Ceasefire? Not in Our Name!”

Before this declaration and releases, Ebenezer Akwanga of the now basically defunct SOCADEF had issued a statement in which he declared a unilateral ceasefire and called on the international community to categorize the Ambazonia liberation struggle as a mere internal matter in Cameroun.

His statement has drawn condemnation from Ambazonians
both in the homeland and in the diaspora. Many have wondered how someone who
has no control over Ambazonian fighters on the ground can declare a ceasefire,
except he intends to use the Cameroun military to enforce it in traitor and
infiltrator style.

Others have seen Akwanga’s statement as an attention-seeking posture in which he dangerously distorts the historical and legal facts that characterize the Ambazonian war of independence. Critics wonder how much money he has taken from the Cameroun government, probably through the Swiss Center for Humanitarian Dialogue, to attempt making the Ambazonian freedom cause an internal matter of Cameroun.  

Reacting to Akwanga’s self-imposed ceasefire that he cannot enforce, “Commander Fire” in Bafut said, “Where is this SOCADEF on ground zero? We used to hear about them in Santa, but they were chased out of there because they were kidnapping people daily for ransom. They took Muyenge and reduced themselves to ceasing cocoa farms. When was the last time any of them fought a single battle since one of their ‘Generals’ in Fako was killed? Akwanga told the boys to stop fighting air long; so, he already ceased fire months ago. What ceasefire is he now calling for? He is a traitor and should be treated the same as Paul Biya.”

It is now certain that with the Ambazonia Governing Council, the Seseku Ayuk-IG and the Sako-IG not calling for a unilateral ceasefire, the fighting against Cameroun’s aggression shall continue!!

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