Cameroon Government’s DDR Massacre of 130 Ambazonians: Uncovering the Cover Up Story

Cameroon Government’s DDR Massacre of 130 Ambazonians: Uncovering the Cover Up Story

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By Ernest Sevidzem, AmbaNews24, Detroit, MI USA

The government of the Republic of Cameroun has claimed
that 130 former “Ambazonian separatist fighters” who had surrendered to it, and
were under custody at the government’s Disarmament, Demobilization and
Re-integration (DDR) Center have escaped. However, the government’s claims have
come under sharp public criticism for lack of credibility.

Many now believe the Cameroon government has rather
killed the said 130 persons and quietly buried them in a mass grave. Claims of
their escape are nothing, but a cover up story for what is being termed, the
“DDR Massacre”.

Writing in Voice of America on August 19, 2020, Moki
Edwin Kindzeka said, “Cameroon authorities are searching for more than
130 former separatist fighters who recently escaped from disarmament,
demobilization and re-integration centers.  The ex-rebels had turned
themselves in to the rehabilitation centers but later escaped after complaints
about poor facilities and a shortage of basic needs.  Despite their
initial voluntary surrender, Cameroon authorities still consider the former
rebels a security threat.”

Former Governor, Fai Yengo Francis, National Coordinator of the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Committee

Kindzeka added that “VOA could not independently confirm the number of
ex-fighters who have escaped.”

On Friday, August 20, 2020, AmbaNews24
asked a Cameroun military official insider at one of the DDR centers on the
situation, and his response was stunning. He said, “What are you talking about?
There are multiple DDR centers. Why did the government not tell us which one
anyone escaped from? Has the government provided the names and pictures of
those it claims they escaped? One hundred and thirty is such a large number;
yet they all escaped at once without any gunshot, no one wounded or killed in
centers that are guarded by heavily armed military men. Do you really believe
that story? Go figure out what is going on!”

AmbaNews24 has carried out underground investigations in the
surroundings areas where there are DDR centers. No one has attested to hearing
gun shuts from there. If 130 “former separatist fighters” were escaping from
any of the centers, one would expect a military counter with gunshots.

Furthermore, across Ambazonia,
no one has asserted that he or she has seen any purported escapee. There is no
evidence from among Ambazonian forces units across the territory that any
“former separatist fighter” has reached out to the commanders or rejoined their

The Cameroon government’s
claim is full of cracks and lack credibility. Many now consider it another
account in a series of cover up stories for atrocious war crimes being
committed by the Yaoundé regime.

It is not uncommon for the
dictator Paul Biya oppression regime to kill Ambazonians in its custody in
prisons or elsewhere, and burry them silently. Such was the case of journalist
Samuel Ebuwe Ajieka, aka Wazizi, who was tortured to death in the hands of the
Cameroon government on August 17, 2019, fifteen days after he was arrested by
government forces and accused of speaking critically against the Biya regime’s
handling of the Ambazonia-Cameroon conflict.

The Cameroon government covered up his death and
only admitted Wazizi had died ten months later, after the press watchdog group,
Reporters Without Borders (RSF) raised questions on his whereabout.

Reacting to the possibility
that the purported “separatist fighters” whom the Yaoundé kleptocracy admits
voluntarily surrendered to it, Prof. Carlson Anyangwe wrote:

“The assassination
is standard practice of colonial oppressors of the worst kind in what they
call, in an abuse of language, counter-insurgency activity.

What the oppressor
does is lure gullible freedom fighters to abandon the fighting and give
themselves up in exchange for promises of gold and silver. Some foolish
fighters do. In reality the objective of the oppressor is to use them as
sources of human intelligence.

After the
intelligence sought has been obtained, the helpless defectors who provide the
required information together with those who refuse to cooperate become
expendable. They are no longer of any use and become more of a burden. They are
therefore simply assassinated. Besides, once a traitor, once a defector, always
a traitor.

After the killings
the oppressor then seeks to cover up its heinous crime by disposing of the
bodies as it sees fit and concocts some story in connection with the
whereabouts of those persons. The commonest story is the tall tale that they
have escaped.

In this case the
oppressor cannot say they have been kidnapped or even killed by ‘Amba boys’
because that would be conceding that the so-called ‘demobilization
centers’(which are in fact more of prisons) presented as guarded by the
so-called ‘elite force’, BIR, is after all not impregnable as advertised.”

The killing of the 130
constitutes a war crime against the Geneva Convention, and the Cameroun
government must be held accountable. This is mass massacre in genocidal
fashion, akin to the Ngahbur massacre in which the Cameroun military murdered
more than two dozen civilians, among which were fifteen children.

Human rights groups and
organizations such as Human Rights Watch, the Global Center for the
Responsibility to Protect, Amnesty International, and the United Nations Office
on Genocide and the Responsibility to Protect have a moral obligation to
question the Cameroun government, and demand transparency and accountability on
this matter.

Cameroun Military Abuse of Dead Ambazonian Fighter

Any other Ambazonian fighter
who hands himself or herself to the Cameroun government in the name of
“rehabilitation” in the DDR should know that he or she is putting his or her
life at risk.

The world at large cannot
remain silent to the high possibility of this massacre. Questions must be
asked, and cover ups must be uncovered.

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