The servant structures of the people of Ambazonia, Dr. Ayaba’s AGovC and ADF, shall, henceforth provide a weekly briefing to the Ambazonian people.

This is Akoson Raymond, your Spokesperson.

TODAY IS SUNDAY DECEMBER 6th 2020. And here comes the maiden edition of the People’s Weekly Briefing.

This briefing covers events from Monday November 30th to Sunday December 6, 2020.

Ambazonians, the week started on a good footing with a great diplomatic push as the Leader of our War of Independence met with senior officials of a Senior World Body on Monday November 30th.

Talks between representatives of this senior world body and the AGovC leadership remain classified at this time. And these talks are in addition to several other talks with certain European countries. But we cannot sit on our laurels.

If anything, we’d rather increase the firepower on Ground Zero because this is the language best understood by the International community.

Ambazonians, imagine one thing…just imagine this unthinkable scenario – a scenario where in 2016 and 2017, Cameroon’s soldiers beat us down to submission. We would have all ended up as a people conquered at war.

And the treatment of scorn and abuse would’ve been worse. But the leadership of Dr. Ayaba understood the times and began smuggling our abled men and women into neighboring countries for training in guerilla warfare tactics.

Today, we see the result on the ground – Cameroon can no longer administer up to more than 70 percent of our homeland.

The AGovC understands we can do better if our forces shun manipulation from abroad and work together. (speak in pidgin: we force them for ground zero get for know all the stories wey them di hear from abroad about the ADF.

Na lie. The ADF is your friend. Make you no green man fool you. Them send you money say make you attack ADF. No gree. ADF di fight na for Ambazonia. ADF na the pioneer. The first and number one defense group.

Time wey ADF bin start for dislodge La Riporblik administrators and soldiers dem, those people wey dem now di fool u against ADF… na dem be di send letter for Biya for apologize bcos according to them, Biya go give them independence. But where we dey today? So, make wonna no hear all those lies them. ADF stands for Ambazonia. ADF stands for unity. ADF stands for collaboration for all forces for Ground zero.

  • That is why, the Deputy Defense Chairman of the ADF, Mr. Ndong Emmanuel (alias Capo Daniel) has initiated collaborative talks with 98% of defense groups on Ground Zero;
  • That is why the ADF supplies other defense forces even if they do not identify as ADF;
  • That is why the Ambazonia Governing Council, AGovC has now launched a Defense Stabilization Plan. The AGovC seeks 500,000 dollars to stabilize all defense forces on Ground Zero. This stabilization plan mean plenty things them. First of all, we know say, plenty people di take advantage of the war for commit crimes such as kidnapping for ransom. This kinds things dem di put unnecessary burden and pressure on we people dem. If we get a more structured, stabilized and disciplined defense, all this one no go dey. Also, make we no forget say La Republique du Cameroon di use some of these forces for commit atrocities so that we people go turn against us and not support the liberation drive. We all see wetti happen for Kumba. Them pay even journalists for write say na Amba them enter school kill pikin dem for Kumba. All we know say na very big lie. So, one of the reasons for this defense stabilization plan na for build a sophisticate system wey e go structure for help we civilian population and make we fighters them act according to we Code of Conduct. So, we di kinni – we di beg all well-to-do Ambazonians to commit to this project. 

Another important event our people should know is the long list of hundreds of Cameroon’s soldiers who have escaped as a result of the war Paul Biya brought to our shores. Cameroon’s Ministry of Public Service and Administrative Reforms published the list earlier this week. So, even Paul Biya’s Ekelebes are increasingly understanding that it is a senseless war and that they cannot defeat Amba – they cannot defeat you and me. So, time di come when Biya go look up, down, left, right and center…e no go see no soldier. All man go don poom. We, Ambazonians will NEVER give up defending our land because that is the right and ONLY thing to do.

And finally, French Cameroon will soon break into pieces. There’s a very powerful armed group currently operating around their borders with the Central African Republic. But we must not confuse the purpose of that group.

That group is a group made up of citizens of Cameroon. We are not Cameroonians. We are Ambazonians. They simply want a change of leadership in their country. We, Ambas, want to push out Cameroon’s occupation forces from our land and govern ourselves as we please.

So, Ambazonians, there is hope. We are winning diplomatically and militarily. We must continue to resist until freedom comes. Take the rendezvous again for next week Sunday December 13, 2020 for what would have made news concerning our Liberation War.

Again, ma name na Akoson Raymond, tori massa for Ambazonia Governing Council.