Ambazonians, because we all refused to give up. Because our cause is just and grounded in sound undisputed historical and legal arguments. Because YOUR LEADERSHIP led by Dr. Cho Lucas Ayaba, in 2017 took the bold step in invoking our right to self-defense. Because the valiant soldiers of the ADF and sister forces continue to carry their guns high up in defense of the homeland… the international community is now dancing the Amba dance. 

In 2016, 2017, 2018, it was some kind of taboo to even mention the words Southern Cameroons. But today, even on the floor of the UN Security Council, the word Ambazonia is mentioned. Countries such as Russia, are now bold enough to state it as it is – failed decolonization process.

Cameroon is guilty of colonialism and must pay for all the crimes committed in Ambazonia.

My name na Akoson Raymond. Tori massa for Ambazonia Governing Council, AGovC. Toli dey. If you nova yet prepare, make I give you time to find ya cola with matango or sha.

This is this week’s edition of our weekly briefing. Let us together diagnose the happenings between Sunday December 6 to today Sunday December 13. And today na Sunday December 13 in the year of our Lord 2020.

Ambazonians, in our Weekly Briefing of Sunday December 6, 2020, we mentioned diplomatic inroads recorded by the Leadership of our Liberation War. Talks between the AGovC and Senior world organizations have been fruitful to the extent that the international community is slowly aligning itself to the position of the AGovC vis-à-vis negotiation protocols. Listen, Ambazonians, your Leadership is not afraid of talks.

But what we are weary of, is a rushie-rushie exercise that would land us into a second Foumban. The AGovC is a good History student. We are smart enough to not fall for the gimmicks of the Swiss.

It is not Rocket Science to understand the romantic girlfriend/boyfriend relationship between Switzerland and Cameroon.

In fact, time has come to vindicate us of the AGovC. The actual bankrollers of the so-called Swiss talks (by the way no talks have even started.

They Call it pre-talks – whatever that means!). The funders of the Swiss process are the Canadians. Just a little bit over a week ago, we got the Canadians telling us to surrender our sovereignty to Cameroon as two regions of very failed Banana Republic.  

Ambazonians, I didn’t want this to be about Switzerland but the current discussions the AGovC is having on diplomacy centers around a mutually agreed-upon negotiator.

This outing is not intended to be mean about the Swiss process but I want us to reach an understanding as to why the AGovC is suspicious about the Swiss.

We want to build a negotiation preparedness that is free, fair and transparent. A platform that is neutral and just.

A platform that must not be surrendered to the whims of an individual country.

The negotiation platform must have many more countries…. than just one and…. must take place outside of Switzerland and not Switzerland that is more friendly to Cameroon and clearly has interests to protect. Moreover, Cameroon has stood on rooftops and denied having consented to any pretalks in Switzerland.

To add, the AGovC is ensuring enforceability of the outcome of any negotiation process. Your Leadership is finalizing discussions in this regard. I repeat, making sure that countries accept to implement the outcome of negotiations unlike what happened in 1961 when some just packed their bags and left unceremoniously. 

People, your Leadership cannot go the route of the Fonchas. Nay, we cannot! These talks are ongoing and many countries and organizations we engage are inching closer to supporting the position of the AGovC.

Having said all of these. We must understand that diplomacy is dictated by the happenings on Ground Zero. No organization would talk to your leadership if the ADF were not strong enough as the main defense force.

Therefore, Ground Zero actions must continue to reverberate from Kikaikelaiki to Kumba and from Nguti to Nguketunjia. So, even as we engage the world community, our self-defense endeavours remains as top priority.

The Defense Stabilization Plan aims at stabilizing the forces on the ground, strengthen them, project power, make sure the forces protect the civilian population and field the ungovernable gaps in some communities abandoned by Cameroon colonial admins and forces. 

SECOND item this weekly  briefing is the desperation of Cameroon. You must have seen a fake publication where the signature of Dr. Ayaba Cho was forged to write letters that threatened embassies in Yaoundé.

My office, the Secretariat of the AGovC has made an appropriate response by informing all the embassies across Cameroon and the international community that the letter is fake and that it doesn’t represent the policy position of the Ambazonia Governing Council. Our people and the world must be reminded that any letter or communique from the AGovC is published on its official channels including its website.

The AGovC thanks those organizations and countries that reached out to verify the authenticity of the fake letter. The United Nations and some embassies in Yaounde did contact us for verification.

Our third news making item still centers on Cameroon’s desperation. You must have by now noticed that all the Facebook accounts of the executive members of the AGovC have been disabled. Yes. The Facebook accounts of the President, the Vice president, Secretaries, the Spokespersons have all been brought down by Facebook. Cameroon is working tooth and nail to frustrate our communication from reaching you.

That is why we now have a TV station aimed at reaching every Ambazonian home. This TV is called Ambazonia Communication Network, ACN. Search through your channels and make sure you have it on your list. Also help your neighbor and make sure your communities can capture ACN.

This is your TV station that brings updates on news items surrounding our liberation war. Meanwhile, we crave the indulgence of Ambazonians in the diaspora to please, to please get onboard twitter. Follow the Leaderships and endeavour to tweet and retweet us. The world is reading. 

Another important element on our list for today is a message of THANKS. We thank you the people of Ambazonia on Ground Zero and around the world for continuously distancing yourselves from Cameroon’s colonial elections.

Your refusal to participate in those elections delegitimizes Cameroon’s claim of Ambazonia. So, although Cameroon’s fake and illegitimate regional elections do not really concern the general public, we thank our people once again in Ground Zero for respecting another lockdown that sent a powerful message to Yaounde and the rest of the world that Ambazonia rejects all forms of colonialism including Yaounde-organized elections on the territory of Ambazonia.

And finally, we di end dis we edition for today with a reaction by the Leader of we war of independence, Dr. Cho Lucas Ayaba. E don react to dat big big meeting wey e just end for dat organization wey dem call say United Nation Security Council.

That mean say, the organization wey when dem decide put foot for ground say make dis plavar stop, e di stop. So for dat meeting, dem tok say wetti? Dat country wey dem di call say Jamny and Russia.

Them don talk some fine talk. Jamny don repeat the same tok wey AGovC don tok for long time; say na only negotiation fit hellep finish dis we matter. And then Russia tok say United Nations – all them don fail – for wetti dem call say decolonization.

That mean say, Ambazonia na the only country wey e nova decolonize – e nova get independence. So, dem get for solve di matter. Na all dis tok make we leader Dr. Ayaba Cho say, all dis tok so e fine. E thank them plenty but e tok say make dis country dem no only di tok for mop.

Make dem take concrete action for hellep we moof Cameroon from we kontri. E tok say we, Ambazonians don already take we land back and we di control 80% of we land…we no fit give’am back to Cameroon. We go continue for fight till be take’am all. 

This was the People’s Weekly briefing. Please, take the rendezvous again for Sunday December 20, 2020 for what the rest of the week would’ve had for us.

Akoson Raymond, Tori massa, AGovC. Bye for now.