Acceptance speech as Secretary of the HHS

Fellow citizens of Ambazonia,

Earlier last month, Ambazonian Leader Dr. Cho Ayaba tapped me for the position of Secretary of the department of Human Rights and Humanitarian Services – the HHS. I want to inform you that the National Council did favorably look upon my nomination and so I am officially accepting to serve as your new Secretary of the HHS.

This department has been hugely neglected in the past and I am coming in to enkindle hope for our prisoners of war, our internally displaced persons and our refugees. As you know, I am a refugee myself. At the outset of the war, Paul Biya of Cameroon sought to decapitate the home front movement by kidnapping its leadership. Some on the frontline weren’t so lucky. I was able to park up my few clothing, and under the cover of darkness smuggle myself and family out of Cameroon. We lived in Nigeria for eleven months in fear, anxiety, and stress. We understand how it feels to live every minute of what our refugees live on a daily basis. I understand the pain of our IDPs and prisoners of war as well. This office that I officially assume today deals with affairs of human rights and humanitarian actions. The task is enormous but with a little bit of your efforts, together, we will be able to considerably, I reiterate, considerably bring the suffering of our people to tolerable dimensions. And, we of the HHS have started work already.

Following the August 21, 2021 instructions of the President of the AGovC tasking the HHS to look into possibilities of resettlement of Ambazonian refugees; on August 27, the AGovC department in charge of Human Rights and Humanitarian Services (HHS) had a planned brainstorming meeting on Ambazonian refugee resettlement. And in the days ahead, we will officially kick start the process. My department is currently building a strong network of refugee leaders and our prisoners of war. If you are not already in contact with us, please, do whatsapp +1 614-377-0445. 

Now, apart from humanitarian services, my office has also opened discussions with rights groups. In June 2021, Cece Buckley of Global Justice Journal made certain revelations which my office finds concerning. In a report titled Debunking the DDR Myth No.2, the journal makes horrendous declarations concerning what it refers to as part of the many horror stories of its investigators regarding deplorable conditions inside the Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration (DDR) Centers, with most troubling accounts from outside the centers. My office has asked rights groups including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International to investigate.

At this juncture, permit me to thank the President of the AGovC and the AGovC National Council for the trust endowed on me to serve as the Secretary of the HHS. I invite everyone who believes they can play a role one way or the other to contact me through whatsapp. Again, the whatsapp number is +1 614 377 0445.

I thank you for your kind attention.