My fellow people

In the past 7 years in our struggle for Liberation, we have lost many of our sons and daughters. We have had our villages burnt, livelihood destroyed and millions affected by the sheer evil of our enemies.  During these difficult moments in our Liberation quest, it suffices to ask what kind of a people we are and what direction we want to take our struggle to. In the face of a well-orchestrated chaos deliberately instilled and smartly exploited by our enemies that has exacerbated the pain imposed on our people, cost the lives of our fighters and created a high sense of disillusionment, we may decide to continue in the same direction as though nothing is happening or we may as well make a conscious effort to listen,  understand and eventually bridge the gap and heal the division between us.

We have come to the conclusion that this division benefits financial and political corruption and inhibits progress in the implementation of our National Liberation Agenda. We understand why there is chaos; we have identified key areas where convergence that satisfies inclusiveness is possible. We have also noted that a feeling of being left behind generates suspicion that translates into unnecessary alarm about unilateralism. We do not take these steps pretending to want to solve the problems between us. We take these steps to understand each other and to avoid actions and attitudes that may be misconstrued. We have opened a line of communication that helps us address suspicions before they become a crisis. We have shown through these sessions honesty and frankness that we hope will create an environment of trust.

Yet we must understand that division is natural in any social space. We as a people can decide to make these divisions central themes in our liberation agenda or peripheral occurrences, which we must constantly face and address. Our fight for Freedom must be treated with seriousness. The one enemy that steers at us with an unblinking gaze invites our fury and collective resolve to fight to the death to vanquish it. It is a duty that calls for a higher sense of patriotism and national consciousness by every son and daughter of the bleeding homeland. Last month we invested more than 30.000 dollars in defense. This month that amount has increased. Next month we may increase it. We are also mobilizing funds for 100.000 bullets. This is the focus a people facing an existential threat require.

Dr. Cho Ayaba

Leader, Ambazonia War of Liberation

President, Ambazonia Governing Council