On the 10th of January, 2021, the tranquil village of Mautu, nestled within the Fako State of Ambazonia, bore witness to a heart-wrenching tragedy.

The very fabric of this close-knit community was torn apart by an unspeakable act—the abduction of twelve innocent souls, including women and children.

In the Village of Mautu +12 abducted by the Cameroon Occupation Forces”

The perpetrators of this heinous crime were none other than the Cameroon Occupation Forces”—a force entrusted with safeguarding lives.

Yet, on that fateful day, they turned against their own, leaving behind a trail of anguish and despair.

The images captured in the aftermath of this atrocity tell a haunting tale.

Homes lay in ruins, their walls echoing the cries of those taken. Mothers clung to empty cradles, their tears staining the earth. Children, innocent and bewildered, vanished without a trace.

The village square, once a gathering place for laughter and stories, now stood deserted.

The air was thick with grief, and the sun seemed to hide its face, unable to bear witness to the pain inflicted upon Ambazonia’s sons and daughters.

The abducted women—pillars of strength—were torn from their families, their voices silenced.

Their absence left voids impossible to fill. The children, robbed of their innocence, became pawns in a cruel game of power.

Their laughter, once the heartbeat of Mautu, now echoed as a distant memory.

The world watched, hearts heavy, as Mautu’s tragedy unfolded—a stark reminder that no place is immune to darkness.

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As the days turned into weeks, the community rallied. Candlelit vigils illuminated the night, prayers rising like incense.

The elders, their faces etched with lines of worry, sought answers.

The youth, fueled by anger and determination, vowed to reclaim their loved ones.

The images, stark and unyielding, found their way beyond the village borders. They became symbols of resilience, etching themselves into the collective memory of Ambazonia.

The world watched, hearts heavy, as Mautu’s tragedy unfolded—a stark reminder that no place is immune to darkness.

And so, we remember the faces of Mautu—their smiles, their dreams, and the bonds that once held them together.

We honor the courage of those who refuse to be silenced, who demand justice for the abducted.

May their voices pierce the silence, urging us all to stand against cruelty, to protect the vulnerable, and to ensure that no heart bears such unbearable weight again.

#Tragedy Unfolds: +12 Abducted in Mautu Village by Cameroon Occupation Forces”