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Ambazonia governing council

Ambazonia Governing Council (AGovC)


Ambazonia Governing Council (AGovC) is constituted by and proceeds from the Ambazonia Mission as the leadership institution of the liberation front at different organization levels.

AGovC Vision

The task of the liberation of the homeland in the twenty first century cannot be isolated from our history, socio-economic context, the illegality of the occupation of Ambazonia by Cameroun, the nature of the occupying Cameroun’s forces and administrators in our Ambazonia homeland, and the
global political and economic system. In this regard, we do not envision our path to freedom as a walk in the park. Therefore, the simultaneous applications of broad and collaborative mobilization of the Ambazonia people and the peoples of the world at large, diplomatic support from countries and
institutions, and the right to self-defense are imperative.

For the liberation front and its AGovC leadership, the prosecution of the human right of Ambazonians to self-determination must be relentless and rooted in discipline, steadfastness, continuous selflessness, sacrifice of material resources for the freedom of the homeland, strategy and tactfulness, justice, and collective action in a spirit of camaraderie. Patriots can support the revolution via TTOF

Our vision is for Ambazonia to become a sovereign country under God where peace, justice, democracy, international cooperation and prosperity reign.
Peace: We must achieve national harmony among the people and sectors of our country, ensure our country is stable, and eliminate all discriminations that are based on tribal identities, regional divisions and biases created by Cameroun, gender identity, linguistic, religious and class lines.

Justice: To ensure the separation of executive, legislative and judiciary powers, provide an accessible system of justice that is characterized by the equality of all before the law, and is engendered by a high degree of public trust and confidence.

Democracy: Our vision is for Ambazonians to live freely, pursue their happiness, and be active in the political life of their country, making decisions and administering the public life according to their will at the different administrative and political levels of our federal united states
International cooperation: To establish the attractive Ambazonia that is respected in the international Charter of the Ambazonia Governing Council (AGovC)  community by co-existing in harmony and cooperating with neighbors and other states for mutual interests through bilateral and multilateral relationships, and contributing significantly in the areas of development, security, respect for human rights, and peace in the Gulf of
Guinea, in Africa and in the world at large.

Ambazonia Governing Council Mission

Our mission is to free the Ambazonia homeland from colonial rule by Cameroun and bequeath to future generations the foundations of a peaceful, just, democratic and prosperous sovereign Ambazonia.

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