Ambazonians and the world community,

My name is Akoson Raymond, the Spokesperson of the Ambazonia Governing Council.

I address you all today. Even as my spirit is down due to the savagery of today, I am reminded and inspired more of the reason to stay the cause and keep resisting. Today is a very sad day in our War of Independence. In our respective time zones, we woke up greeted by news of the barbaric slaughter of innocent students in Kumba, the State of Meme. Ambazonians, the pain is too much. The pain is too much. The pain is unbearable. This is a terrorist act of unspeakable proportions. There’s no length that French Cameroon would not go to continue to keep us in servitude while sucking up our resources. To those families who’ve lost loved ones, this is not your loss alone. It is our loss. We feel the same measure of pain… and so, our hearts go out to all of us.

Immediately after the AGOvC Leadership learnt of this massacre, the Leader of our War of Independence, Dr. Cho Lucas AYABA summoned the Intelligence Unit of the Council of the People of Ambazonia, the AGovC. There’s palpable and overwhelming evidence that the terrorist forces of French Cameroon are to blame for this heinous act. The signature and fingerprints of Cameroon’s occupation forces are conspicuous. History has not forgotten that with impunity, these terrorists have invaded our people’s privacy, broken into homes, pull out men, nursing mothers, boys, girls, young, old – and shot them execution style. They have burnt down over 300 villages, shot at ambulances, burnt hospitals and even killed sick people on hospital beds.

And some of these atrocities are still fresh on our minds:

  1. February 14, 2020 – Garbuh Massacre (23 persons)
  2. May 26th, 2018 – Menka-Pinyin Massacre (27 persons killed) – an incident that was even condemned by the United States State Department
  3. Multiple massacre events in Ekona with the most despicable registered on April 14, 2019 
  4. Sandpit, Buea, Fako – 30th July, 2018  (7 persons)
  5. In Mutengene, countless numbers died. We saw how these occupation forces mounted armoured cars and military trucks with machine guns having hundreds of rounds of bullets as they shot continuously and indiscriminately into habited homes, and on streets.
  6. And as recently as today Saturday October 24, 2020, these shameless blood suckers with wickedness filled in their eyes and drunk with the arrogance of a slave owner; kicked open the door of a classroom in Mother Francisca International Bilingual Academy, Kumba 

And today, Biya-positioned journalists with the mission of sabotaging our resistance have quickly hopped on their keyboards to indict Ambazonia fighters! What? I mean, what? What? This is some badly done job – try harder and better next time. What motivation would an Amba fighter have for spraying bullets on school children? I speak for the AGovC and the ADF. The ADF conducts operations in strict observance of the Rules of War. And trust me, with regard to this particular case, I can even vouch for other fighters whether trained or not. I reiterate, there’s no motivation whatsoever for an Ambazonian fighter to turn their guns on innocent civilians. It is not even a lockdown day or the traditional Kontri Sunday. The school concerned is not even a French Cameroon-run Government school. This is a lay private educational institution for Christ’s sake. The caliber of weapons used are so conventional and appear modern day and expensive that can only be used by a traditional army. What are we talking about here? Our defense forces have no track record of opening fire on innocent civilians they seek to protect. Now, I’ll have to be frank with you. Our forces, have, from time to time engaged in activities for pecuniary motives; activities that the AGovC leadership have often frowned at. The reason why the Leader of our War of Independence, Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas has unveiled a strategy to stabilize our defense efforts dubbed, “Ambazonia DEFENSE STABILIZATION”. 

Ambazonians, as we grief together, we call on the international community to shun hypocrisy and immediately – immediately – take actions that would cause the withdrawal of the aggressor state of Cameroon from Ambazonia.

Once again, this is not a cry for particular families. The loss is ours. And so, our hearts go out to us all. And now, I leave you in with the consolation of scripture: SORROW MAY LAST A NIGHT BUT JOY COMMETH IN THE MORNING. God dey!

God bless you.

Revolutionarily yours.