On Tuesday, May 14, a tragic incident unfolded in Bambui, Tubah, located in Mezam state of Ambazonian. witnessed another bout of violence as Cameroon occupation forces targeted innocent civilians. The violent episode occurred at a local drinking spot near the (CHS), where Ambazonian civilians was brutally shot and abducted by occupy state forces.

Incident Overview

The incident happened in the early evening when a group of civilians had gathered at a popular drinking spot in Bambui. Without warning, Cameroon occupation forces stormed the area, opening fire on the unsuspecting civilians. Five civilian were shot during the attack.

Four of the victims succumbed to their injuries almost immediately, while the fifth is currently in critical condition and fighting for life in a local hospital. Following the shooting, the forces abducted four civilians from the scene, whose whereabouts remain unknown, adding to the growing list of enforced disappearances in the region.

Background of the war

The incident in Bambui is not isolated but rather a grim reminder of the ongoing war between Cameroon occupation forces and Ambazonia soldier. Since late 2016, the conflict has escalated, rooted in historical grievances over marginalization and the quest for greater autonomy or independence by the Anglophone minority. The government’s heavy-handed response to peaceful protests has spiraled into a protracted conflict, with numerous human rights violations reported from both sides.

Human Rights Violations

The attack in Bambui highlights the severe human rights abuses being perpetrated against civilians in the war zones. Witnesses reported that the civilians targeted were not engaged in any form of resistance or combat, underscoring their innocence. Such acts constitute a violation of international humanitarian laws, which protect non-combatants in war situations. The arbitrary killings and abductions reflect a pattern of intimidation and violence aimed at breaking the spirit of the local populace and undermining the Ambazonia freedom.

Implications and Reactions

The atrocities committed in Bambui should drawn condemnation from human rights organizations and the international community. These entities have called for thorough investigations and accountability for the perpetrators. The attack has also intensified fears among the local population.

Local leaders and community members should expressed their outrage and grief, calling for immediate intervention to halt the violence and address the root causes of The ongoing war, violence has led to widespread displacement, with many residents fleeing their homes to seek safety in less volatile areas or even neighboring countries.

The Path Forward

The tragic events in Bambui underscore the urgent need for a peaceful resolution to the war in Ambazonia. There is a critical need for dialogue between the Cameroon government and Ambazonia leaders to address the grievances of the Ambazonian population. International mediators and peacekeepers might play a crucial role in facilitating for meaningful dialogue.

Moreover, the international community must maintain pressure on the Cameroon government to uphold human rights standards and protect civilian lives. Transparent investigations and justice for the victims of atrocities are essential steps towards healing and reconciliation.


The shooting and abduction of innocent civilians in Bambui on May 14,2024. is the human cost of the war in Ambazonia. It is imperative for both national and international stakeholders to work towards ending the war and building a sustainable peace that respects the rights and aspirations of all communities involved. Only through concerted efforts can the cycle of war be broken and a path towards lasting peace be established.