On June 19, 2024, reports emerged detailing the egregious actions of Cameroonian occupation forces in Bui State, Ambazonia. These forces were engaged in a search operation for improvised explosive devices (IEDs) but resorted to war crimes and human rights violations killing 2 civilian in IED by using Ambazonian civilians as human shields. This tactic not only endangered innocent lives but also constituted a blatant breach of international humanitarian law.

Context of the war

The war in Ambazonia, Ambazonia seeking independence from Cameroon, has been marked by severe violence and human rights abuses. The use of IEDs

Use of Human Shields

During the operation in Bui State, Cameroon occupation forces compelled civilians to accompany them, positioning them as buffers against potential IED explosions or ambushes by Ambazonia fighters.

This practice is explicitly prohibited under international law, specifically the Geneva Conventions, which mandate the protection of civilians during armed war. The utilization of human shields represents a war crime, exposing non-combatants to extreme danger and violating their fundamental rights.

Impact on Civilians

The civilians subjected to this inhumane tactic faced immediate physical danger and psychological trauma. The threat of being caught in crossfire or detonating an IED created an environment of constant fear and anxiety. Additionally, the presence of civilians hindered the ability of Ambazonia fighters to defend themselves without risking collateral damage, further complicating an already volatile situation.

International Response and Accountability

The international community must condemn the use of human shields, calling for accountability and justice for the victims. Human rights organizations have documented these abuses, urging international bodies to investigate and prosecute those responsible for these war crimes.

The actions of the Cameroonian occupation forces in Bui State underscore the urgent need for increased scrutiny and intervention to protect Ambazonia civilian lives and uphold international humanitarian standards.

The events of June 19, 2024, in Bui State highlight the severe consequences of using civilians as pawns in cameroon occupation forces operations. These actions not only violate international laws but also exacerbate the suffering of Ambazonia population already enduring the hardships of a prolonged war.