Communications Department

Communications Department

Communications Department

As provided in Article 75 of the Statutes of the Ambazonia Governing Council, the Communication Department is responsible for:

  • Providing appropriate responses to inquiries and clarifications from the public
  • Disseminating policy positions necessary for the freedom of Ambazonia and ensuring a peaceful and prosperous Ambazonia state
  • All communication platforms and systems of the liberation front and its Ambazonia Governing Council such as website, radio, television, post, social media communication platforms, news and press releases, publications, etc
  • Designing, manning and implementing communications programs of the liberation front and its Ambazonia Governing Council
  • Ensuring that the homeland and diaspora are kept informed of the state and stakes of the self-determination of Ambazonia
  • Maintaining telecommunications infrastructure as may be necessary
  • Defining and establishing the central policy on the communication of issues of the liberation with the public
  • Promoting the vision and broad strategic plan of the Ambazonia Governing Council for the self-determination of the homeland
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Cecilia Amabo Binwei

Cecilia Amabo Binwei


Ambazonia National Radio

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Ambazonia National Radio is a 24/7 online national radio of the Ambazonian people. As a principal way of communicating with the Ambazonian people and the rest of the world, the radio broadcasts news, host interviews, showcases the Ambazonian culture, provides guidance and inspiration for the liberation struggle, etc.

Ambazonia Rising

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Ambazonia Rising is a weekly audio magazine production that presents news, analysis and commentaries on events going on in the Ambazonia liberation struggle.