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Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF)

the ambazonia defense forces

The Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF)

Are a military organ that fights for the independence of Ambazonia, Southern Cameroons. It was formally established by the Ambazonia Governing Council on 9 September 2017, the same day as the organization declared a war of independence.

The ADF has been defending the Ambazonia homeland from French Cameroon terrorist soldiers.  A 7500 man strong combat guerillas with a mixture of urban warfare capabilities.  The ADF is a heavily equipped military organization with several combatants using heavy military gears, Automatic Assault Riffles  and IDEs across the 13 states of Ambazonia.

adf chairman
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Statement of Facts

The ADF utilizes Rapid Guerilla Tactics to prevent the Cameroonian government from projecting power in Ambazonia.  The ADF aims to raise the cost of Cameroon’s illegal occupation and terrorizing military presence  higher than the profits the country gets from Ambazonia.

“We fight to defend our Land and the People, Block By Block, Neighborhood By Neighborhood”

ambazonia defence Forces