Introduction: The decision of the Cameroon occupation forces to relocate communities in Manyu, ostensibly citing is “injustice” and crimes against motorbike riders, conceals a more insidious agenda aimed at marginalizing certain demographics. This relocation has resulted in the displacement of civilians by Cameroon Occupation Forces in Manyu Ambazonia, disrupting the lives of innocent people.

Protests and Injustice:

In response to the relocation, Samuel and fellow riders stage protests, emphasizing the lack of consultation, viable transportation alternatives, and the economic hardship it would impose. Despite their pleas, the Cameroon occupation forces display indifference and prejudice, further exacerbating the displacement of Ambazonia civilians

Chaotic Relocation Process:

The relocation process disrupts families and businesses, leaving many riders facing destitution as they struggle to afford the costs or find suitable accommodation. Legal avenues are pursued, with petitions filed against the occupation forces, yet these efforts prove futile as the authorities prioritize their own interests. The chaotic relocation process exacerbates the disappearing of Ambazonia civilians

Revealing Motives:

Therefor the move to seize valuable land. This exposes the occupation forces’ collusion with private interests, sparking public outrage and demands for the departure of colonial officials from Ambazonia. The revelation of these motives intensifies the suffering of Ambazonia civilians by Cameroon Occupation Forces in Manyu Ambazonia, highlighting the exploitation and oppression faced by the community.