My fellow Ambazonians

Let’s remember those murdered in Lake Nyos by the occupation regime. Ambazonians will hold Cameroun accountable at the appointed time for all the murders, massacres, and destruction it has and continue to cause in our land. There will be accountability and justice for peace to ever exist between the two countries.

We congratulate our forces for rigorously ensuring that independence declared is defended and that Independence means Independence. We salute the forces in Bui for the daring missions and the enforcement of no colonial car number plates along the Donga Bui axis and their bravery in Jakiri. We salute the Bamenda brigade for the same actions and salute the joint ADF/Mountain Lions operations in Fako. Meme was not left out. Our forces must continue to explore and activate workable models of peaceful coexistence and collaboration and shun political opportunists who exploit every situation to project their antinationalist hate agenda. All models of dominance from 1995 have failed. All models driven by political adventurism and opportunism since 1995 has failed. Using a liberation struggle as a platform for emotional political activism riddled with failed experiments has only delayed our march towards freedom. We must put in the hard work. We must build models that work and resist ones which in our fantasies give us temporal relevance and visibility. Thats selfish, exploitative and consequential. Under my leadership we will not blink, we will not compromise on any model designed and masked as a collaboration but with the intentions to drive short term agendas.

Cameroun should release Ambazonian citizen Abdul Karim. Cameroun must recognise that acts of terrorism, kidnapping, massacres has only increased Ambazonian Nationalism. It must leave our land and respect its borders at its Independence

My fellow Ambazonians

As you resist the enemy daily l want you to master the occupation Liberation nexus. Occupation begins with the occupier using its military to create an acceptable environment for Governors, DOs, fake Mayors, and parliamentarians to provide legitimation to the occupation. Once that is done, they create the police to help protect them and control you. The make laws, impose their taxes, car number plates and other rulea that grant them power over you. Liberations begin with a general uprising against the occupation, then it moves to the period of a revolution when traitors, enablers and collaborators are hung and then to the period of the actual liberation struggle that targets the military that grants protection to civilian administrators. Once the military is weakened most administrators escape. The principal aim thereafter of the occupation military is to weaken our resistance to create the conditions for the return of Mayors, DOs and others. In our resistance we must prevent that from happening; we must target any civilian impostor representing alien and foreign rule; we must make sure that their laws don’t apply in our land: all their symbols from the flags, car number plates, colonial dates become history. Thats how you delegitimise and take gradual control. Military occupation is unsustainable. Thats why each time the Americans take over a country they look for civilian administrators to grant legitimacy to their occupation. We must know that we have defeated the enemy. Propaganda, bribery, corruption, and massacres are their last deaerate weapons and we must be smart.

To be independent and Free requires a radical stance against anything that resembles your occupier. Some will hurt you. Some will look like a suicide mission. Those who went to the Moon knew the cost. Those who opposed racist South Africa did not compromise. The Eritreans battled it out for 30 years even when the world had written them off. George Washington was seen first as a clown for daring a ferocious British empire. Independence must mean Independence and we must reject and resist the enemy in our words, actions and even while asleep. Putting an end to Cameroun’s presence in our land must be the singular gift this generation hands to the next.

God bless Ambazonia

Dr Cho Ayaba