Foreign Affairs Department

Foreign Affairs Department

Foreign Affairs Department

The overall attention of the Department of Foreign Affairs is on the relationship between Ambazonia and foreign countries, international organizations and agencies. Its focus throughout the liberation struggle is to secure the diplomatic support of other countries, peoples of the world, international organizations and other foreign partners and mediators towards the independence of Ambazonia as a sovereign country, and to lay the foundation of the continuity of these friendly relations in a post-independence Ambazonia.

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The Ambazonia Governing Council holds firmly that the foreign policy we pursue during the liberation struggle lays the foundation and constitutes the building blocks for future diplomatic relations between the Ambazonia state and other countries, peoples and organizations around the world. In this regard, the Governing Council further adopts the following policies:

  • Establish and promote diplomatic relations with all countries based on the following principles:
    • Respect for the independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of all states in accordance with international law and principles
    • Mutual non-aggression
    • Peaceful co-existence
    • Reciprocity
    • Respect for the Charter of the African Union and the United Nations
  • Work with foreign governments and international organizations to fight against regional and global terrorism.
  • Promote foreign investment in Ambazonia and foster fair international trade rooted in sound commercial laws, respect and enforcement of contracts, and public-private partnership
  • Uphold and promote respect for human rights and democracy
  • Actively work with other countries and with international organizations to identify, prevent, and respond to the spread of diseases around the world to promote a heathy humanity
  • Work with partners worldwide to combat wildlife trafficking, reduce pollutants, conserve nature, preserve endangered species and foster water and food security to promote energy security, economic growth and a healthy planet
  • Partner and collaborate with foreign governments, international organizations, academic and research institutions, etc to expand cultures and advance science, technology and innovation in Ambazonia and in the international community
  • Promote multi-sectoral bilateral friendly relations between the Ambazonia State and the Republic of Cameroon for the mutual benefit of the people of Ambazonia and the people of Cameroon
  • Provide humanitarian assistance to other nations as necessary, especially in times of human and natural catastrophes to the full extent possible
  • Uphold and promote respect for the rights of foreigners in Ambazonia
  • Become a member of various international and regional organizations consistent with the identity, location, and independence of Ambazonia.

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In 2006, the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights determined and declared that the people of Ambazonia, the erstwhile United Nations Trust Territory of the Southern Cameroons, Class B, meet the definition of “a people” under international law. As such, the Ambazonia people have a right to self-determination. The admission of Ambazonia into Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) in 2018 under the representative leadership of the Ambazonia Governing Council is a further international recognition of the peoplehood of Ambazonians, their right to independence and sovereignty, and legitimization of the Ambazonia liberation struggle. Former members of UNPO that are currently sovereign nations include East Timor, Estonia, Georgia, Kosovo and Latvia.