On February 6, 2023, in the village of Alakuma, situated within the urban center of Bamenda, located in the Mezam State of Ambazonia, an alarming incident transpired as Henry Boma, a local resident, was forcibly taken captive by the Cameroon’s Occupation Forces.

The circumstances surrounding the event remain enveloped in ambiguity, casting a pall of suspicion

The tranquil ambiance of the day was abruptly shattered by the sudden intrusion of the occupying forces, whose presence instilled a pervasive sense of unease and apprehension among the community members.

As Henry Boma was seized from his home, the unsettling echoes of his abduction reverberated throughout Alakuma, leaving its inhabitants gripped by fear and uncertainty.

The circumstances surrounding the event remain enveloped in ambiguity, casting a pall of suspicion and mistrust over the already tenuous relationship between the Ambazonian populace and the occupying military forces.

In the aftermath of Henry Boma’s abduction, the community grappled with the profound implications of yet another brazen violation of their collective security and individual rights, highlighting the urgent imperative for accountability and redress in the face of such egregious transgressions against the sanctity of human dignity and autonomy.

Genocide in Ambazonia: Henry Boma,

As dusk descended upon Alakuma, the residents were left to contend with the disquieting uncertainty regarding Henry Boma’s fate,

their hearts heavy with unanswered questions and a lingering sense of vulnerability in the wake of the military’s arbitrary exercise of power.

serving as a beacon of hope amid adversity.

Unified in their unwavering resolve to combat oppression and reclaim their inherent freedoms,

the people of Alakuma steadfastly confronted the oppressive forces that sought to suppress their aspirations for justice,

Nevertheless, amidst the prevailing darkness, a flicker of resilience and solidarity persisted within the Ambazonian community,

liberty, and self-determination, steadfast in their determination to uphold the principles of dignity and equality that form the bedrock of Ambazonia’s collective identity and ethos.

Genocide in Ambazonia: Henry Boma,

#Henry Boma’s Abduction amidst the Genocide by Cameroon’s Occupation Forces