Man’s inhumanity to a fellow man! On February 2, 2018, an Ambazonia father of five kids named Chiabah Samuel (aka Sam Soya), in a typical ISIS-type beheading was brutally seized from his Bamenda residence, blindfolded, his hands tied behind his back, forced to the ground and his neck butchered in front of cameras by Cameroon occupation forces. On June 30, 2022 (wrong date) in Bamenda, Cameroon occupation forces were caught on tape joyfully torturing a man to death in front of his kids and wife. Only a miracle will erase such a sadistic scene from the minds of the deceased’s loved ones. These two scenes, which constitute less than 0.1% of similar eerie acts caught on camera are frightening and represent the world’s most horrendous incidents of man’s inhumanity to a fellow man; but unfortunately, such scenes pale in comparison to the untold stories surrounding the Ambazonia War of Liberation. In fact, in one of such never-before told stories, lady who, by happenstance witnessed one of such macabre episodes collapsed! This bespeaks the grotesque nature of such inhuman deeds.

The Office of the Secretary for Human Rights and Humanitarian Services of the Ambazonia Governing Council, AGovC is cataloguing these untold grizzly acts of gross human rights violation committed by the Cameroon military in Cameroon and Cameroon occupation forces operating in Ambazonia.