On January 18, 2021, In Fako State in Ambazonia: Mautu village Captured +9 Abducted by thecameroon occupation forces.

The very guardians of peace—the Cameroon occupation Armed forces—turned aggressors, leaving behind a wake of devastation.

Their attack was swift and merciless.+9 innocent souls, including women and a child, were abducted

Their attack was swift and merciless.+9 innocent souls, including women and a child, were abducted—their cries echoing through the once-peaceful streets.

Families torn apart, futures uncertain, and hearts heavy with fear—the villagers of Mautu faced an unimaginable nightmare.

But the horrors did not end there. The soldiers, emboldened by their brutality, looted scores of homes—pillaging what little remained. The walls that once sheltered laughter and dreams now bore witness to anguish. Possessions vanished, memories reduced to rubble.

The threat lingered like a shadow. Residents trembled, their voices hushed, as the occupant forces roamed the village. Fear etched lines on their faces, and the air grew thick with tension.

The once-close-knit community now grappled with trauma—a shared agony that transcended individual suffering.

Mautu’s suffering was not an isolated incident. Across Ambazonia, similar tales unfolded—a grim symphony of violence orchestrated by those sworn to protect.

The very forces meant to safeguard lives became instruments of pain. Innocence was lost, trust shattered, and hope dimmed.

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows over Mautu, the villagers clung to one another. Their resilience was both their armor and their weapon.

They whispered stories of the abducted, their names etched into memory. They vowed to seek justice, to reclaim their stolen peace.

Mautu village Captured +9 Abducted

The world must bear witness to Mautu’s plight. The images of destruction, the cries of the abducted, and the grief etched into every home demand our attention.

The village may be small, but its suffering reverberates far beyond its borders.

In the face of brutality, we stand united—a chorus of voices demanding accountability.

May Mautu’s pain fuel our resolve to end the cycle of violence, to ensure that no heart bears such unbearable weight again.

For in their agony lies a call to action—a plea for justice, echoing across time and space. 

#”Mautu Village Captured, +9 Abducted in Ambazoni by the cameroon occupation forces