Kotopit Village: The war between Ambazonia and Cameroon, has been an ongoing and devastating war. Ambazonia, is an independent state Borden with cameroon, has been in turmoil since 2016 when protests against perceived marginalization by the Francophone-dominated government escalated into a full-blown insurgency.

The Ambazonian people, seeking for full independence, have been clashing with Cameroonian government forces in a war marked by severe human rights violations and significant civilian suffering.

April 7 Incident in Kotopit Village

On April 7, 2024, the village of Kotopit in Bui State of Ambazonia witnessed a distressing episode in the ongoing war. Following an ambush by Ambazonian fighters, the Cameroon Terrorist Forces retaliated with brutal measures. Frustrated by their defeat in the ambush, the forces turned their aggression towards the local civilians.

This retaliatory attack resulted in the abduction of six Ambazonian civilians, adding to the long list of kidnappings that have plagued In Ambazonia and heightened the atmosphere of fear and uncertainty among the inhabitants.

Destruction and Human Suffering

In a further act of aggression, the Cameroon Terrorist Forces set fire to more than five houses in Kotopit in Bui State of Ambazonia. The destruction was not limited to any specific targets but included homes belonging to some of the most vulnerable members of the community, including widows.

This act of arson not only caused extensive property damage but also deepened the despair within the community. The burning of homes symbolized a severe blow to the residents, stripping them of their shelter and belongings, and exacerbating the humanitarian crisis in Ambazonia.

Impact on the Community

The abduction of civilians and the destruction of homes have had a profound impact On the Kotopit village, Bui State of Ambazonia . The community, already reeling from the effects of the prolonged war, faces increased hardship.

Families are left without homes, and the abducted individuals’ fates remain uncertain, causing immense psychological trauma. These atrocity highlight the indiscriminate nature of the violence and the dire need for international attention and intervention to address the humanitarian needs and push for a peaceful resolution to the war.


The ongoing war between Ambazonia and Cameroon continues to inflict severe damage on civilian populations. The atrocity in Kotopit village, Bui State of Ambazonia underscores the brutal reality of the war, where civilians often bear the brunt of the hostilities.

The international community’s attention and action are crucial in mitigating the suffering and working towards a sustainable peace and independent of Ambazonia.