Mr. Ndinga Denis: A Victim of Cameroon’s Occupation Forces.

On May 23, 2019, the serene town of Mile 90 in Bamenda, Mezam State of Ambazonia, was shaken by a terrifying attack that left the community in shock and fear. Mr. Ndinga Denis, a 35-year-old builder and avid bike rider, became a victim of the Cameroon occupation forces in a brazen act of violence that unfolded in broad daylight.

Mr. Denis, like many others in Ndinga and across Ambazonia, was simply going about his daily routine, heading to work on his bike when tragedy struck. Without warning, he was intercepted by the occupation forces, who forcibly abducted him, leaving his bike in flames as a stark reminder of the brutality of the situation.

The incident not only targeted Mr. Denis but also instilled fear in the hearts of other civilians who witnessed the harrowing scene. Many fled into the nearby bushes, seeking refuge from the chaos unleashed by the occupying forces.

This event is just one of many in the ongoing war in Ambazonia, where tensions between the Cameroonian government and Ambazonia have led to a humanitarian crisis. Civilians like Mr. Denis are caught in the crossfire, facing threats to their lives and livelihoods on a daily basis.

The abduction of Mr. Denis highlights the urgent need for a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Ambazonia. The international community must step in to facilitate dialogue and mediation efforts to end the cycle of violence and protect the rights of civilians caught in the war zone.

As we reflect on Mr. Denis’s ordeal, let us remember that behind every headline or statistic is a human story of suffering and resilience. His experience serves as a grim reminder of the impact of war on innocent lives and the pressing need for lasting peace in Ambazonia and beyond.