On March 31, 2019, a despicable act of war crimes shook the Muyuka of Fako State in Ambazonia as the Muyuka Hospital was intentionally set ablaze by Cameroon occupation forces. This horrifying event not only represents a violation of international humanitarian law but also underscores the immense suffering endured by the people of Ambazonia due to the ongoing in Ambazonia.

The burning down of a hospital, a sanctuary meant to provide medical care and healing, is a heinous act that transcends mere destruction of property. It is an assault on humanity itself, leaving innocent civilians vulnerable and without access to vital medical services during a time of war.

The people of Ambazonia have been enduring immense hardship and atrocities at the hands of occupying forces for far too long. The destruction of essential infrastructure like hospitals not only exacerbates their suffering but also demonstrates a blatant disregard for human life and dignity.

The Muyuka Hospital held significance beyond its physical structure; it was a symbol of hope and resilience for the local community, striving to provide healthcare amidst adversity. Its destruction sends a chilling message of terror and devastation, leaving scars that may never fully heal.

Such war crimes must not go unnoticed or unpunished. The international community must condemn these acts in the strongest terms and demand accountability for those responsible. Justice must be served for the innocent lives lost and the countless others affected by such senseless violence

The destruction of essential infrastructure such as hospitals not only robs people of critical healthcare services but also creates a climate of fear and insecurity. The people of Ambazonia, already grappling with the trauma of conflict, are further traumatized by these brutal acts that target innocent civilians and institutions meant to serve them,the burning of the Muyuka Hospital is a stark reminder of the urgent need for accountability and justice in Ambazonia.