Office of the President

Office of the President

Dr Cho Lucas Ayaba

Dr. Cho Lucas Ayaba

President of the Ambazonia Governing Council

Dr. Cho Lucas Ayaba is the President of the Ambazonia Governing Council. He is an ardent advocate of human and peoples rights, and has been active in multiple leadership positions in the Ambazonia liberation struggle since 1995. He holds a Bsc. in Human Rights, a MSc. in International Relations and a PhD in Human Rights.

Dr. Ayaba was elected in 2017 as President of the Ambazonia Governing Council for a four years term of office. He stands for an independent Ambazonia, and affirms that the sovereign State of Ambazonia offers tremendous potential and opportunities for the development of the Ambazonian people and their pursuit of life, prosperity, and happiness, for the advancement of democracy and the rule of law within a neighboring Cameroun, and the reign of peace and stability in the Gulf of Guinea and the world at large.

His leadership of the liberation of Ambazonia stands on five pillars: “The Freedom Star”. These pillars include community and global mobilization, self-defense, diplomacy, discipline and accountability.

The Executive Office of the President has three organs: Policy Advisory Committee, National Security Council, and Press Secretariat. These organs are liaised to the President through the Chief of Staff appointed by the President.

The Dublin Declaration

The cabinet met in Dublin, Ireland from March 22 to March 2019 in an important meeting to evaluate the state of the Ambazonia liberation struggle and adopt key positions to respond to the realities of the self-determination cause. These positions were catalogued “The Dublin Declaration” and are the cornerstone to the current direction of the cause for the independence and sovereignty of Ambazonia.

Chief of Staff

The Chief of Staff

Mr. Njinkeng Fuabeh

Policy Advisory Committee

  1. Analyzing overarching events in the Ambazonia liberation struggle and providing policy position recommendations to the President to deal with them, and
  2. Advising the organs of the Ambazonia Governing Council on strategic actions necessary to promote and ensure a stable, peaceful, democratic, economically developed, and healthy Ambazonia in which the rule of law reigns.

The Policy Advisory Committee is currently chaired by Rhema Asongayi. Mr. Asongayi holds a Bachelor in Philosophy, a Master in Liberal Studies, a Master in Public Administration and is a PhD student in Public Policy.

Chair, National Security Council

Chair, National Security Council

Grace Adjeili

National Security Council

The National Advisory Council assesses threats to life and property in the Ambazonia liberation struggle and provides strategic advice to the President on dealing with the security matters.

Press Secretary

Press Secretariat

Abu Fri

Press Secretariat

The Press Secretariat is a standing organ of the Office of the President charged with relations between the Office of the President and the media. It plans the media outings of the President of the Ambazonia Governing Council, manages communication platforms of the Offices of the President and Vice President, and provides press briefings.

The Press Secretariat functions under the general supervision of the Department of Communication. The Secretariat is currently headed by the Press Secretary, Ms. Abu Fri.

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