Office of the Vice President

Office of the Vice President

Dr Julius Nyih Nyiawung

Dr. Julius Nyih Nyiawung

Vice President of the Ambazonia Governing Council

Dr. Julius Nyih Nyiawung is the Vice President of the Ambazonia Governing Council. He hails from the State of Lebialem. Dr. Nyih holds a PhD in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations from the University of Dublin in Ireland.

Dr. Nyih believes firmly that there cannot be peace without justice, and justice cannot be guaranteed without truth.

Based on the fundamental truth of the annexation and illegal occupation of Ambazonia by Cameroon, Dr. Nyih holds that the two countries option, namely a sovereign Ambazonia and a sovereign Cameroon is the sustainable solution to the Ambazonia War of Independence.

This option guarantees respect for the right of the Ambazonian people to self-determination and of the sovereignty of Cameroon in accordance with its borders as it were at its independence on 1st January 1960.

Vice President leads delegation

Vice President, Dr. Nyih leads a delegation of Ambazonia to the Basque Country Parliament

The Vice President:

  • Assists the President in the exercise of his or her duties and deputizes in his absence
  • Is also charged with personnel management in the Ambazonia Governing Council, interdepartmental coordination towards efficiency and effectiveness in work, and
  • Responsible for building relations between the Ambazonia Governing Council and other liberation movements.

The Vice President is also an ex-officio member of the Policy Advisory Committee and the National Security Council. He performs other critical duties as may be deemed necessary by the President.

Dr. Nyih was elected overwhelmingly in 2018 to the office of Vice President of the Ambazonia Governing Council for a four years term of office. Prior to his election as Vice President, he was Deputy Secretary of Foreign Affairs for two years.

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Standing Committees of the Office of the Vice President

Constitution Draft Committee

The Constitution Draft Committee is charged with drafting and proposing to the Ambazonian people for public review a draft constitution for Ambazonia. The draft constitution is intended to serve as an instrument of transitional governance before the House of Assembly in Buea, when fully constituted, debates and adopts the Constitution of the Ambazonia state.

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National Program Committee (NaProC)

Will Ambazonia be ready for self-rule on the first day of its sovereignty? The answer to this question is in the hands of the National Program Committee (NaProC).

The National Program Committee focuses on crafting the policies and strategies necessary to get Ambazonia ready and functioning as an independent and sovereign country with multiple sectors. The NaProC has several committees that focus on different sectors of public life such as Post-Independence Stability, National Security, Health, Education, Social Services, Economic Development, Finance, Law, Foreign Affairs, Agriculture, Interior Affairs, Environment, Housing and Communities Revitalization, etc.

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