In the grim annals of September 2021, the village of Owe in Muyuka, situated within the Fako State of Ambazonia, bore witness to a scene of unfathomable sorrow and devastation. Tears flowed freely as the streets became a somber procession, littered with the lifeless bodies of those who had fallen victim to the ruthless onslaught of the Cameroon occupant forces.

The air hung heavy with the stench of death

The air hung heavy with the stench of death and despair as the echoes of violence reverberated through the village, leaving in their wake a trail of shattered lives and broken dreams. Countless civilians, innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire of conflict, lay wounded and maimed, their cries for mercy drowned out by the relentless tide of oppression.

As the flames of destruction consumed everything in their path, homes once filled with laughter and love were reduced to smoldering ruins, their charred remains a stark reminder of the wanton brutality unleashed upon the unsuspecting populace. The very fabric of community and belonging lay torn asunder, a testament to the indiscriminate nature of violence in times of strife.

Among the casualties of this senseless bloodshed were the cherished possessions of the villagers, their motorbikes and cars, vital lifelines in the struggle for survival, reduced to twisted metal and ash. These were not just vehicles but symbols of resilience and determination, the means by which ordinary citizens sought to eke out a meager existence in the face of adversity.

As the people of Owe village Muyuka, stood united in their determination to rebuild and resist

The perpetrators of this heinous act, the Cameroon Military Forces, showed no mercy in their relentless pursuit of domination, their actions a chilling reminder of the depths of depravity to which power could corrupt. Yet, even in the darkest of times, the spirit of defiance endured, as the people of Owe village Muyuka, stood united in their determination to rebuild and resist.

Through the tears and the ashes, a glimmer of hope flickered, a beacon of resilience amidst the encroaching darkness. For in the face of unspeakable tragedy, the indomitable human spirit persevered, a testament to the enduring power of solidarity and hope in the struggle for justice and freedom.

#”Unveiling Injustice: War Crimes by Cameroon Occupation Forces in Owe Village, Muyuka