Ongoing War in Ambazonia:

Pa Oritoi and His Family kill, the war in Ambazonia, The tragic events of April 11, 2024, exemplify the ongoing suffering experienced by the people of Ambazonia due to the actions of Cameroon occupation forces.

Brutal Execution of Pa Oritoi and His Family.

In the early hours of April 11, 2024, a horrific incident occurred in Bamenda State, in Ambazonia. Pa Oritoi and his family were summarily executed by forces from La Republique du Cameroon (LRC). At approximately 2:00 AM, these terrorist forces of Cameroon occupation targeted the family’s home in Bamfen Quarter, opposite the Presbyterian Church. The aftermath of this brutal act saw their bodies callously dumped in the River Roongwev.

The Violent End of Pa Oritoi and His Sons.

Pa Oritoi, an elderly man who relied on walking sticks, was found with his throat slit, a heinous act that underscores the brutality of the attackers. His two sons, Nyundzeven Alain and Tav Elvis, suffered similar fates. The violence began with the first victim, Smart, who was killed inside their home as he bravely resisted the forces when they invaded at 2:00 AM and forcefully entered their residence.

Widespread Destruction in Sop.

The violence in Ambazonia did not end with the killings in Bamenda. In Sop, Cameroon terrorists forces were reported burning down civilian houses on the same morning. and across Ambazonia which is their usual custom every night and day. the Ambazonia people keep suffering in the hands Cameroon occupation forces in Ambazonia.

Urgent Call for Civilian Protection and Support.

Given the relentless attacks, there is an urgent call for civilians to seek immediate shelter whenever Cameroon occupation forces are in the vicinity. The civilians population must prioritize their safety in the face of these threats. Additionally, it is imperative for all Ambazonians to continue supporting their defenders.

The resilience and assistance provided to the Ambazonian warriors are crucial in ensuring they have the necessary resources to protect their people, land, and culture from further atrocities.

The ongoing war in Ambazonia, marked by the tragic execution of Pa Oritoi and his family, the severe suffering inflicted by Cameroon forces. The Ambazonian community must remain vigilant and united, supporting their defenders to withstand and resist these oppressive acts.