On the 21st of February, 2020, in the serene village of Fundong Mbam, nestled within the Bamenda Mezam State of Ambazonia, the tranquility was shattered by the cruel actions of the Cameroon occupation forces. Mr. Sama Amos and Ifini Leonard, residents of this peaceful community, were forcefully abducted, plunging their families and neighbors into a state of anguish and uncertainty.

The abduction of these individuals marked yet another tragic chapter in the relentless campaign of oppression and violence that has besieged Ambazonia.

And those gentlemen, were forcibly taken from their homes, #War Crime in Ambazonia

And those gentlemen were forcibly taken from their homes, the aftermath of their abduction left many civilians injured, their lives torn apart by the indiscriminate brutality of the occupant forces.

The once-thriving village of Fundong Mbam now stands as a testament to the devastation wrought by unchecked aggression, with countless families left homeless, hopeless, and bereft of their loved ones.

The repercussions of this heinous act reverberate throughout the community, casting a pall of fear and insecurity over the hearts and minds of Ambazonians.

The wounds inflicted upon innocent civilians serve as painful reminders of the profound disregard for human rights and dignity exhibited by the Cameroon occupation Forces

As families grapple with the anguish of separation and loss, the fabric of society itself is torn asunder, leaving scars that may never fully heal.

#The Abduction of Sama Amos and Ifini Leonard by the Cameroon occupation forces @Fundong Mbam, Bamenda

The abduction of both, stands as a stark indictment of the ongoing humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ambazonia, where basic freedoms are routinely trampled upon in the name of power and control.

The international community must bear witness to the suffering endured by the people of Ambazonia and stand in solidarity with their struggle for justice and freedom.

As we confront the grim realities of oppression and violence, let us raise our voices in condemnation of such atrocities and demand accountability for those responsible.

The abduction of these gentlemen, serves as a rallying cry for all those who yearn for a future where peace, dignity, and human rights are upheld for all. It is only through collective action and unwavering resolve that we can pave the way for a brighter tomorrow in Ambazonia.

#The Abduction of Sama Amos and Ifini Leonard by the Cameroon occupation forces: War Crime in Ambazonia