Good evening. This is Akoson Raymond, Spokesperson of the Ambazonia Governing Council. 

The People’s Weekly Briefing — December 20, 2020.

  1. In the past several months, the United Nations, represented by Ambassador François Louncény Fall and the Ambazonia Governing Council – AgovC, represented by Dr. Larry Ayamba were engaged in talks toward creating a negotiation preparedness. These talks have temporarily failed. They are currently paused and, the AGovC is declassifying them. On December 18, 2020, Ambassador Fall informed the AGovC that Cameroon was unwilling to come at table at this time; citing as reasons, the arrest of Christian Cardinal Tumi and the Kumba school massacres…….. The AGovC takes cognizant of Cameroon’s stubborn refusal and unwillingness to now peacefully end its half-a-century old colonization of Ambazonia. The AGovC makes it very clear that the constant pampering of Cameroon by the UN and the world system only emboldens them. Therefore the international community shares Cameroon’s responsibility of war crimes and crimes against humanity committed daily in Ambazonia. The Secretary of State of the Ambazonia Governing Council will be reaching out to targeted countries to share the strategic importance and mutual benefit in preventing the Ambazonia war from spilling over to the entire Gulf of Guinea.

We seize this opportunity to thank the good people of Ambazonia for all their sacrifices thus far and to remind them of the importance in supporting the National defense stabilization plan – a plan that would finally empower our defense forces, strengthen our gunboat diplomatic strategy and eliminate the last vestiges of Cameroon’s presence in Ambazonia. 

  1. On the state of the unity of Ambazonia. The AGovC notes that this unity is strong and that Ambazonia is one. We are aware of Cameroon’s recent sponsor of a few persons spewing verbiage of hate. We state that this message is a script of the occupier and intended to serve their diabolism of divide to rule. Their message is fantastically unAmbazonian. We equally note that the bearers of such messages and their activities aim at undermining the Ambazonia Liberation War. The AGovC reiterates its sacrossanct policy of ZERO TOLERANCE on matters concerning the active enabling of Cameroon’s occupation of Ambazonia.

Meanwhile, we remind the people of Ambazonia and the world community that; the AGovC’s strategic gameplan for the complete liberation of Ambazonia goes through three phases: The Liberation phase, Transition phase and Governance. After the war, there shall be a transition that hammers down a constitution that upholds the tenets of democracy and freedom including, amongst other rights, the right for every Ambazonian to move freely, live freely and freely work anywhere in Ambazonia irrespective of their village of origin.

  1. On communication and, like previously stated, the AGovC now has a television station. The journey for the success of a completely liberated Ambazonia starts right now and the Ambazonia Communication Network, ACN stands to play a pivotal role in that regard. The ACN seeks to promote an Ambazonian bonded in love and not hate, collaboration and not disunity. Through the ACN, the people of Ambazonia will be able to tell their own story and provide a platform through which stakeholders assess the Ambazonian concept. Through the ACN, the soul of Ambazonia shall be mirrored. On Sunday December 27th, the Ambazonia Communication Network shall be officially launched.  
  1. On issues of humanitarian action, the AGovC is appalled by the ejection from Ambazonia, the humanitarian   on-Governmental Organization, Doctors Without Borders by Cameroon’s colonial administrators. 

This evidences Cameroon’s wanton disregard for human life, international humanitarian law, the right to health in war times and the Rules of War. The AGovC believes that the removal of a very vital humanitarian outfit from Ambazonia is not only to deny our women and children basic healthcare in times of war, but it is also one of failed attempts to hide Cameroon’s war crimes and crimes of genocide and ethnic cleansing. 

  1. On Defense matters, the ADF and all its sister forces continue to battle Cameroon’s occupation forces across Ambazonia. 

In the Atlantic states, Cameroon tried without success to retake liberated communities in Akwaya … Manyu. Several civilian casualties were recorded including women and children: two children below nine years of age were killed execution style by Cameroon colonial forces. They were shot in the back and in the head. At least two women and three other children who suffered multiple injuries are under medical care in Nigeria. We thank all those who offered to take charge of their bills. We also thank General Omega for his service to homeland and his indefatigable leadership.

In the Savannah states, General Dada’s first outing as an ADF leader in Mbengwi saw the dislodging of several posts manned by Cameroon’s occupation forces. This was an announcement of the presence of a new ADF unit in Mbengwi. General Dada is one of those who’d been deceived by Cameroon’s handlers about the reputation and stance of ADF. We welcome him aboard the Ambazonia Defense Forces. He is a fierce and brave fighter deserving of our support. Still on defense in the Savannah states, the ADF has reconciled with sister forces in Big Babanki Ntungoy. As the lies to tarnish the good reputation of the ADF fades away, we hope to see stronger unity and or collaboration amongst all of our forces.

In Jakiri, to revenge the ADF’s burning down of a Cameroon military truck, Cameroon’s colonial forces went out on a rampage on the innocent civilian population killing four Ambazonians including the wife of a hunter who was shot at point blank range in her womb. She died shortly after having being rushed to the Baptist Hospital. Dulayuf, Kongnyuy and Mrs. Mbulai all from Noi as well as Yennika from Mbonge PLUS all others who’ve died as a result of Cameroon’s arrogance and aggression, would not have died in vain. May your souls rest in peace. AMBAZONIA SHALL BE FREE.

I thank you for your kind attention.