Good evening Ambazonians. The People’s Weekly Briefing with Spokesperson Akoson Raymond. Today is Sunday January 17, 2021. 

1.The Leadership of the Ambazonia Governing Council, the AGovC is horrified and opposed to the violent takeover of a Joint Session of the United States Congress by a group of rioters on January 6, 2021. 

The AGovC considers what happened at the US Capitol Hill a shameful assault on democracy. The action was simply at odds with the American democratic character. The AGovC most unequivocally condemn the actions of insurrectionists and, remind Americans of Ambazonia’s trust in the United States democratic culture, strong institutions and the rule of law. 

While the AGovC maintains its believe that the US democracy remains the shining beacon and the envy of the world; Ambazonia continues to stand eager to regain, just like it was in the 1950s, its rightful position in the community of democratic nations. The Secretary of State of the Ambazonia Governing Council, Dr. Larry Ayamba has reached out, once again, to the United States Senate Affairs Committee to reiterate the strategic importance to the United States, of a liberated Ambazonia, in the Gulf of Guinea.

Still on Diplomacy: On, the United Nations Development Program, the UNDP

The AGovC informs the people of Ambazonia and the international community that in the past five months, the AGovC Leadership has held several meetings with the UN Development Program Representative Mr. Jahal Rabesahala within the context of the so-called reconstruction of Ambazonia. May we also inform Ambazonians that the UNDP has concluded its reconstruction plan and is at the phase of fundraising for the project. 

The AGovC notes that in the furtherance of the AGovC-UNDP talks, the AGovC Vice President, Dr. Julius Nyih Nyiawung has conclusively objected to any scammed UNDP reconstruction program in Ambazonia when active war is still ongoing, and, has proffered a purely humanitarian solution at this time of war.

Based on the foregoing, the AGovC emphatically reiterate the commitment of the people of Ambazonia to continue to resist forces that ignore our plight for liberation. We emphasize that whereas the ADF and all its allied forces will continue to ensure the safe passage of verified humanitarian aid workers, they are unable to guarantee the safety of those pretending to want to reconstruct a country still being burnt by the aggressor state of Cameroon. The ADF and all its allied forces will not let any unauthorized entry and activities across Ambazonia. Meanwhile, we wish the UNDP great success with reconstruction projects in more stable regions around the world. 

Again, on diplomacy, 

The Office of the President of the Ambazonia Governing Council has sanctioned, through the office of the AGovC State Secretariat renewed calls for the United Nations and other world bodies to invoke the Responsibility to protect in Ambazonia. Given that Cameroon continues its stubborn diabolic crusade of exterminating Ambazonians; given that Genocide Watch recognizes the alarming genocidal situation in Ambazonia as Stage 9: Extermination, and Stage 10: Denial; the AGovC, once again, reaffirms its invocation of the Responsibility of the world community to Protect the people of Ambazonia from genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing.

The Ambazonia Governing Council, also reiterates its position of readiness for a multilaterally led and internationally facilitated negotiation process of the current conflict between Cameroun and Ambazonia. Such negotiations should take place in a neutral venue mediated by a credible international institution with guarantees for the implementation of the outcome. Until such a time when the international community takes up the responsibility to protect the Ambazonian people, we shall continue to resist the occupation, arm our people, and maximize for them, the opportunity to defend themselves until complete and unconditional freedom is achieved.

2.On defense issues, the AGovC President, Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas and the ADF President Benedict Kuah had a five-hour-long-meeting prior to Matazeng with the highest echelon of the ADF commanders including eight Ambazonian generals and other high-ranking personalities ranking as such. The aggressive offensive strikes against French Cameroon military posts at Matazeng clearly suggests announcement of renewal of more offensive military approach moving forward. We salute the bravery of the Ambazonia Defense Forces and hereby announce the dead of one ADF fighter during the Matazeng operation.

In Ngoketunjia, in another ADF operation, the ADF lost Captain Small Pikin of the Ngoketunjia Brigade. Cameroon lost ten of their soldiers in both operations. Meanwhile, the Supreme Commander of the ADF, in respect for the two fallen soldiers as well as in memoriam of last year’s massacre of 23 ADF fighters in Bui by fellow sister forces orchestrated from the diaspora, hoisted the flag of Ambazonia at half-mast on January 9, 2021 at General Efang’s camp. 

Still in defense, the AGovC recognizes and salutes the support of its friends following the cowardly massacre of innocent civilians by elements of Cameroon’s occupation forces in the village of Mautu. The murderous, barbaric and terrorist act of French Cameroon occupation forces in Mautu killed nine peaceful, harmless innocent Ambazonian civilians going about their normal daily routine. Ambazonia shall avenge the dead of Tambe Anna, Shey Keisa, Obenegwa David, Tembe Daniel, Bruno Takang, Ngoto Valentine Akama, Takang Anyi Roger, Ndakam Pascal, Egoshi Lucas. The AGovC Leadership is reaching out to the families of the bereaved to extend the heartfelt condolences of the rest of Ambazonia. Meanwhile, while we thank the world community for their rounds of condemnation, we ask that such words must be matched with actions.

Delay tactics and continuous genocide on our people will never lead to an Ambazonian surrender. Rather, as the Ambazonia Liberation War drags on, the resources of the ADF and its sister forces only build up in sophistication capable of launching long range ballistic missiles at targeted military camps in French Cameroon – in anticipatory self-defense endeavors. 

Again, still in defense; the AGovC would like to inform the people of Ambazonia that the first batch of training of the ADF, new recruits and sister forces for a kickstart of the National Stabilization plan is now completed. The black berets and green berets have already been put in place. But a lot more still needs to be done. We thank all those who committed and are still committing to the Defense Stabilization fund drive. To assist the ADF realize the objective of the stabilization plan, we ask that Ambazonians make bigger financial sacrifices. Please, go to and commit to this endeavor. Thank you.

To close this defense brief, two days after the Mautu massacre, the ADF, in a precision strike action neatly conducted and without any civilian casualty, took out two Cameroon colonial forces around the Muyuka neighborhood. These two occupation forces had been assigned to guard a certain Brasseries Depot. 

On the Internal Functioning of the Ambazonia Governing Council: Elections within the AGovC

In keeping with the constitution of the Ambazonia Governing Council, AGovC, the President of the AGovC, Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas has transformed the AGovC cabinet into an advisory think tank pending the organization of elections for the office of the AGovC President and Vice President on February 9, 2021. The elected president and Vice President shall reconstitute a new cabinet.

In the interim, as by AGovC rules required, the Chairman of the AGovC Council of Missions, Mr. Divine Anaka has officially announced the convocation of election caucuses for the posts of AGovC President and Vice President by members of the AGovC Council of Missions. 

And finally, to end this week’s briefing:

On the Africa Cup of Nations 2021:

The Leadership of the Ambazonia Governing Council takes umbrage at the provocation of the organization of the Africa Cup of Nations in Ambazonia without the consent of the Ambazonian people. We inform Ambazonians that the Governing Council has sufficiently communicated its objection to such tournament on Ambazonian territory to the Leaderships of the Confederation of African Football as well as FIFA.

Your council has also informed the participating teams scheduled to play in Victoria viz. Zambia, Guinea, Namibia and Tanzania that Ambazonia is not currently participating in the 2021 African Cup of Nations because the ENTIRE territory of Ambazonia, including Limbe is a war zone and not conducive for any international tournament at this time. 

The AMBAZONIA GOVERNING COUNCIL seizes this opportunity to remind the Confederation of African Football, FIFA, and the international sports community of the following facts:

  1. That Ambazonia has been engaged in a war of liberation brought to bear on them by Cameroon for more than four years and that Ambazonia has invoked its right under international law to self-defense and self-determination. 
  1. That the Republic of Cameroon has killed at least 15,000 unarmed Ambazonia civilians including women and babies, burnt down more than four hundred towns and villages in Ambazonia, and caused one of the worst contemporary humanitarian catastrophe in the Gulf of Guinea with at least 200,000 Ambazonian refugees in Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon and over two million internally displaced. 
  1. That the people of Ambazonia through the AGovC informs the organizers of the Africa Nations Cup 2021 that holding any games in Ambazonia’s territory amidst these atrocities will constitute total disregard for their sufferings and pains, and an implicit political endorsement of the unacceptable occupation of the Ambazonian homeland with impunity by the Republic of Cameroon. 
  1. That amidst this ongoing Ambazonia Liberation war¸the Ambazonia Governing Council cannot guarantee the safety of anyone, including CAF officials, various national football teams and spectators in Ambazonia. 
  1. That the Cameroon military has suffered huge casualties from Ambazonian Defence Forces, and so cannot be relied upon to guarantee the safety of anyone. Consequently, CAF is strongly advised to immediately terminate any plan to play any game in Victoria, to host any team anywhere in the territory of Ambazonia, or to cause the gathering and movement of spectators for CAF games in Ambazonia for safety and security reasons. 
  1. That, having been so informed and advised, CAF shall be morally and legally liable for any loss of human life and properties that may result from failing to immediately move any games currently scheduled in the territory of Ambazonia to the territory of Cameroon. 
  1. That, we respect the African Cup of Nations competition and care about the security and safety of the delegations involved. We look forward to the future when the sovereign and liberated Ambazonia shall take part in the African Nations Cup, and collaborate with CAF in the safe organization of its tournaments in Ambazonia. Meanwhile, the Ambazonian Governing Council and the people of Ambazonia wish the Confederation of African Football (CAF) great success with the organisation of the African Nations Cup 2021 in La République du Cameroun, but not anywhere in Ambazonia.

I thank you all for your very kind attention.