Good evening. This is the People’s Weekly Briefing.

Today is Sunday March 14, 2021. My name is Akoson Raymond, the Spokesperson of the Ambazonia Governing Council. 

  1. The attention of the Ambazonia Governing Council has been drawn to allegations made by one Mr. Chris Anu against the person of the AGovC president, Dr. Cho Lucas Ayaba. The allegations among others accused Dr. Ayaba for working with Cameroon’s Paul Biya. These allegations have been immediately picked up by all French Cameroon journalists and bloggers with the sole intent of dispiriting Ambazonians from contributing to and giving up on the revolution. 

Chris Anu questioned the source of ADF’s sophisticated weaponry and suggested that ADF’s weapons are supplied by Cameroon. Before any statement, Chris Anu’s question as to where the ADF gets such advanced arsenals is akin to that of a dull, lazy and sleeping student in class who believes that the most intelligent student scoring As is a cheat. (pause). That is by the way!

In 2018, in scramble for a source of living, a group of Ambazonian pastors resident in the United States betrayed the leader of the IG group, Sisiku Julius AyukTabe in what would become a failed coup attempt. The men, including Chris Anu, Samuel Sako, John Erguayan – all pranksters hiding behind the subterfuge of the term, pastor – made away with a splinter of the IG group. Their own faction, now severally referred to by most Ambazonians as the Pastor’s Internet Group, P.I.G – PIG lured the gullible into donating several millions of US dollars that ended up lining their bank accounts, got some of them buy homes after decades in the US with nothing to show for.  The few they currently have hypnotized within their dragnet make contributions to the PIG that ends up paying mortgages, car loans and insurance expenditure. 

Ambazonians, the Ambazonia Governing Council, the AGovC is a principled and very-organized group made of men and women of integrity. The AGovC does not function as the Sako’s group where top brass are compensated with monthly stipends. In fact, all cabinet members of the AGovC, members of all AGovC missions scattered across the world are gainfully employed. As a matter of principle, we believe that we cannot send our men and women to defend homeland without at least, first lead by financially committing monthly to the revolution. Therefore, a monthly financial contribution to this liberation war is an obligation before serving within any of the echelons of the AGovC leadership. This is practical leadership that believes in hard work, excellence and success. And this is reflected on our gains on the field – a solid War Council structure that gave birth to the most sophisticated defense group, the Ambazonia Defense Forces. When the AGovC President, Dr. Ayaba went to Dadi to install the first component of the ADF, they lied that Dr. Ayaba was nowhere anywhere in Ambazonia. Today, they want you to believe that Dr. Ayaba goes to the ground to attend meetings with Paul Biya. And to justify their embezzlement and fraud, today, they say Cameroon is supplying the ADF. What would they say when they see the next consignment? 

Ambazonians, the AGovC has successfully built a solid support base that gets fired up and even more motivated by the provocation of enablers such as the lies spewed by fake pastors. Our people understand that fake pastor Chris Anu’s lies were carefully designed to stop the aggressive advancement of the ADF’s stabilization force that lifts up Ambazonia and sinks the deceit of the PIGs – Pastor’s Internet Group. 

The good news is that Anu’s lies has suddenly become a blessing to the AGovC. Ambazonians, mindful of the fact that Anu’s fabrication was to slow the fund drive for phase two of the stabilization force, a group of Ambazonians approached the AGovC. A fund drive – Shame Chris Anu’s Lies – was born. Eleven thousand, seven hundred and fifty dollars was raised within two days. This is how wise our people have become. Gone are the days of deceit and manipulation. We thank our people for their courage, fortitude and determination. 

May we say that those who got angered by the lies of the PIGs should know that concern should cause action and not complains. Join this fund drive that is preluding the launch of phase two of our stabilization force. Contact on whatsapp +1 614-377-0445.

In the meantime, in the face of all this, the President of the Ambazonia Governing Council, Dr. Cho Lucas Ayaba, a man severally referred to as the Leader of the Ambazonia Liberation War has in response, asked Ambazonians to pray for Chris Anu. 

But may we reiterate this point. There shall be consequences for all our actions. To those who think our liberation war is an arena to spew verbiage aimed at willfully prolonging the war, there shall be consequences. There shall be consequences. You can write this down.

  1. On matters of defense.

On the eve of the launch of phase two of the Ambazonia Stabilization force, the Ambazonia War Council is appointing certain colonels and generals to strategic military bases controlled by the Ambazonia Defense Forces, ADF in the Atlantic and Savannah states of Ambazonia.

Still in defense, this time, on a sad note. The General of the 7 Kata of Bafut, an ADF sister pro-independence force has passed unto glory. General Kata died on March 5, 2021 after a brief illness and has since been given a befitting burial by forces under his command. General Kata was one of the earliest Ambazonian fighters trained by the ADF. He was one of those fighters who received Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas in Dadi, Atlantic states of Ambazonia in 2017. General Kata kept a close relationship with the AGovC and War Council leaderships. The Leaderships of the AGovC and War Council extend to the family, loved ones of General Kata and the entire 7 Kata family, our heart felt condolences. General Kata would not have died in vain for Ambazonia shall be free. 

  1. In diplomacy.

On March 1, 2021, Canada’s Sub Committee on the International Human Rights of the House-of-Commons-Standing-Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development (subsequently referred to in this brief as the Sub Committee) published a news release quote and unquote on the “Human Rights Situation in the Republic of Cameroon”. 

The Ambazonia Governing Council (AGovC) informs the Ambazonian and international communities that the Sub Committee’s news release paints a congruous depiction of the compounding war crimes committed by Cameroon’s colonial forces on the Ambazonian civilian population. However, the figures reported by the sub-committee are severely underreported.

The Ambazonia War Council, the military wing of the AGovC has active military presence spread across all the thirteen (13) states that make up the territory of Ambazonia with strong intelligence capability, and, therefore, the AGovC’s facts and figures detailing Cameroon’s atrocities in Ambazonia are thorough.

As of today March 9, 2021, our records show that there are over half a million Ambazonian refugees, asylees and asylum seekers present in but not limited to the following countries: Cameroon, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Ghana, Togo, South Africa, Brazil, Canada, USA, France, Italy, China, the UK, Spain. Cameroon’s occupation forces have burnt down four hundred and fifty-three (453) villages, killed over seventeen thousand (17,000) civilians since October 2016. Over One million and two hundred thousand (1,200,000) civilians forcibly displaced. Cameroon is generally guilty of several crimes against humanity such as war crimes that continues to leave scars of horrible human rights violations including inter alia crimes of genocide, forced return of refugees, forced labor, extrajudicial killings, ethnic cleansing, enforced disappearances, arbitrary arrests, incommunicado detention, systematic torture, and deaths in custody.

The AGovC notes that had the Canadian Government and the world community genuinely act upon the first ever recommendations of the Sub Committee way back in 2019, as well as other past recommendations by other institutions, the atrocities of the Government of Cameroon in Ambazonia would have been stopped or brought to bearable dimensions. Canada shares part of the blame of the war crimes committed by Cameroon in Ambazonia for shirking its responsibilities as a leading democracy. 

While the Ambazonia Governing Council calls on the Government of Canada to respect crucial recommendations from its own institutions, we emphasize the willingness of the people of Ambazonia to end the war and enter negotiations that address the root cause of the Ambazonia Liberation War. We also hold dear and respect our sacred duty to protect our territorial integrity, sovereignty, and our rights in international law to self-defense. Consequently, until the international community fills up the leadership void of invoking the responsibility to protect, the Ambazonia Governing Council shall continue to resist Cameroon’s occupation, arm the Ambazonian people, and maximize for them, the opportunity to defend themselves until complete and unconditional freedom is achieved.

  1. And finally;

On Human Rights Watch accusation.

The Ambazonia Governing Council has completed investigation based on allegations by Human Rights Watch of human rights abuses purportedly committed by Ambazonia pro-independence fighters in Bamenda. The March 12, 2021 dispatch  accused pro-independence fighters for quote and unquote “kidnapping John (not his real name), a medical doctor on February 27 and took him to their camp.” 

First, the Ambazonia Governing Council is thankful to Human Rights Watch for their particular interest in Ambazonia.  We caution however that our pro-liberation fighters (both the ADF and sister forces) are inspired by justice, the rule of law and other basic tenets of democracy including but not limited to the respect of individuals’ fundamental human rights. May we remind Human Rights Watch that Ambazonia is the victim and Cameroon is the aggressor state. In flagrant violation of international law, Cameroon marched an army of occupation into the erstwhile British Southern Cameroons (now called Ambazonia) in the hours preceding October 1, 1961 and has been in colonial occupation of Ambazonia to this day. 

In 2016, the people of Ambazonia rose in peaceful nationwide protest to challenge Cameroon’s claim of ownership over the territory of Ambazonia. But as the Ambazonia Governing Council foresaw, Cameroon’s reaction was ruthless and violent. On November 17, 2019, Cameroon’s cold-hearted dictator Paul Biya declared war on Ambazonia, a war that continues to leave scars of horrible human rights violations including inter alia crimes of genocide, forced return of refugees, forced labor, extrajudicial killings, ethnic cleansing, enforced disappearances, arbitrary arrests, incommunicado detention, systematic torture, and deaths in custody. The Ambazonia Governing Council invoked the rights of the people of Ambazonia to self-defense and self-determination. Consequently, the Ambazonia Defense Forces, ADF was born. But Cameroon would launch a smear campaign to sell a negative image of the ADF by injecting splinter groups based within and without Ambazonia with the sole intent of committing crimes aimed at tarnishing the good image of a genuine liberation war. Also, the chaos brought by Cameroon in Ambazonia has reproduced thieves and kidnappers. In fact, Cameroon admitted a few weeks back that a few arrested persons had actually crossed the border from Bafoussam to run a kidnap ring in Bamenda. The case in point referred to by Human Rights Watch is one of such cases. 

The intelligence of the Ambazonian Defense Forces (ADF) has identified the said John mentioned in the HRW report. The man who is a medical professional was actually kidnapped by persons not affiliated to the ADF nor its sister forces. The ADF commanding officers are in contact with the victim to reassure him of his safety and security. 

To close this brief, we reiterate that being the aggressor state that violated international law by invading, colonizing and declaring war on Ambazonia, the responsibility of all human rights abuses and war crimes currently taking place in Ambazonia including but not limited to crimes of colonialism, crimes against humanity, genocide and ethnic cleansing rest squarely on the aggressor State of Cameroun and its current leaders. The AGovC believes in Science. We recall Newton’s Third Law of Motion: “to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”. It follows that without an action, there wouldn’t be a reaction. 

Action: Cameroon invaded, colonized and declared war on Ambazonia.

Reaction: Ambazonians picked up arms to self defend.

For an effective ceasefire, Cameroon must drop its guns and withdraw its colonial administration and forces from Ambazonia. And that automatically stops the fight from the Ambazonia Defense Forces and sister pro-liberation fighters.

You just listened to the Spokesperson of the Ambazonia Governing Council. I thank you for your kind attention.