On January 21, 2021, the tranquil village of Menja, Camp Muyuka nestled within the Fako State of Ambazonia, bore witness to a heart-rending incident that would forever scar its collective memory. An innocent farmer, tilling the very soil that sustained his community, fell victim to the merciless grip of the Cameroon Occupation Forces

Tragedy in Ambazonia: Menja camp muyuka

The eyewitness accounts paint a grim picture: “He was given 15 bullets on his body by the Cameroon Occupation Forces.” The brutality of this act defies comprehension—a life snuffed out, a family shattered, and a community left reeling in shock.

The farmer’s hands, once calloused from tilling the earth, now lay still—his dreams, his hopes, extinguished.

The very forces meant to protect had become agents of terror. The villagers whispered his name, their voices trembling with grief, as they grappled with the enormity of the loss.

The sun, oblivious to the tragedy unfolding below, cast its golden rays upon the blood-soaked ground. The village square, once a gathering place for laughter and stories, now stood deserted.

The air hung heavy with sorrow, and the wind carried echoes of unanswered questions.

Why? How could this happen? What justice could possibly mend the gaping wound left by 15 bullets? The farmer’s family wept, their tears watering the same soil that had witnessed his last breath.

The children, wide-eyed and bewildered, clung to their mother—their innocence forever tainted by violence. Tragedy in Ambazonia: Menja camp muyuka

As the days turned into weeks, the villagers rallied,

As the days turned into weeks, the villagers rallied. Candlelit vigils illuminated the night, prayers rising like incense.

The elders, their faces etched with lines of worry, sought answers.

The youth, fueled by anger and determination, vowed to reclaim their fallen neighbor’s dignity.

Meinja, once a haven of simplicity, now bore scars—homes marked by grief, fields haunted by memories.

The farmer’s absence reverberated through the seasons—the unplanted seeds, the untended crops, the silence where his laughter once echoed.

And so, the villagers carried the weight of their loss—a burden shared by Ambazonia itself. The world must hear their cries, their plea for justice.

The farmer’s life, extinguished by 15 bullets, became a rallying cry—a testament to the urgency of change, the need to protect the vulnerable,

and the resolve to ensure that no heart would bear such unbearable weight again

#”Farmer Abducted: Tragedy Strikes Ambazonia as Cameroon Occupation Forces Target Menja”