Wum village invasion On May 16th, 2019.

The Cameroon occupation forces, in a display of wanton disregard for civilian lives and livelihoods, targeted the livestock belonging to the Wum local population. Cows, goats, and other animals essential for farming and sustenance were mercilessly slaughtered or maimed, leaving families devastated and deprived of their primary sources of food and income.

The consequences of this barbaric action are far-reaching. Families that relied on their livestock for daily sustenance and agricultural activities were left without resources to feed themselves or engage in productive work. The deliberate targeting of civilian assets such as livestock constitutes a blatant violation of international humanitarian law and represents a grave war crime.

The impact of this invasion extends beyond the immediate loss of livelihood. It creates a climate of fear and uncertainty among the villagers, who are forced to live in constant dread of further violence and aggression from the occupying forces. The psychological trauma inflicted on the community further deepens the scars of war and impedes efforts towards peace and reconciliation.

The international community must strongly condemn such reprehensible acts and demand accountability for the perpetrators of these war crimes. Investigations into human rights violations, including the killing of livestock in Wum, must be conducted promptly and impartially to ensure justice for the affected civilians.

Efforts should also be made to provide humanitarian assistance to the impacted communities, including support for rebuilding livelihoods and addressing food insecurity. It is imperative that the rights and dignity of civilians in war zones like Wum, Mezam State, Ambazonia, are respected and protected, and that steps are taken to prevent further atrocities and promote lasting peace in the region.