The Manfe Abduction, a tragic event that transpired on September 6th, 2023, stands as a stark testament to the horrors unleashed upon innocent civilians in the Meme State of Ambazonia, as the Cameroonian Government reluctantly acknowledged the abduction of no less than 55 civilians by government Occupation forces during the early hours of Monday. *Atrocity, Manfe Abduction +55 Civilians by Cameroon Occupant Forces

Among the victims, a heartbreaking count of 20 children and 4 pregnant women underscores the sheer magnitude of the atrocities

Among the victims, a heartbreaking count of 20 children and 4 pregnant women underscores the sheer magnitude of the atrocities inflicted upon the vulnerable members of society, casting a somber pall over the collective conscience of the nation.

Shockingly, revelations emerged implicating 8 Cameroon Occupation forces and 6 ex-Amba fighters from the DDR center in Buea, who confessed to their complicity in the abduction of civilians in Manfe, further unveiling the chilling reality of collusion and betrayal that pervades the corridors of power.

In addition to the heinous act of abduction, the Cameroon occupation forces perpetrated further atrocities, brazenly burning 30 homes, pillaging scores of properties, and subjecting residents to physical assault, leaving behind a trail of devastation and despair that defies comprehension.

Tragically, the discovery of victims’ bodies burned within their own homes serves as a haunting reminder of the unfathomable depths of human cruelty and suffering that have gripped the region.

Initially met with denial and obfuscation, the Cameroon occupation forces begrudgingly conceded its forces’ culpability in the despicable abductions, only after a handful of soldiers involved in the operation confessed their crimes on social media platforms.

Their claim, attributing the abductions and arson to civilians’ alleged support for Ambazonia liberation forces, rings hollow in the face of overwhelming evidence of systemic violence and oppression perpetrated by state actors.

Atrocity,Manfe Abduction +55 Civilians by Cameroon Occupant Forces

The abhorrent abduction of civilians, including innocent children, demands nothing short of a thorough and impartial investigation to hold those responsible accountable for their egregious crimes against humanity. However, doubts persist regarding the Cameroon occupation forces capacity to deliver genuine justice, given its purported involvement in genocidal acts and other egregious violations of human rights.

Eyewitness testimonies paint a chilling portrait of unarmed civilians in Ambazonia, mercilessly torn from their homes and abducted in broad daylight, underscoring a harrowing reality of unspeakable cruelty and shocking brutality perpetrated by Cameroonian government forces. As the scars of trauma and injustice deepen, the imperative for accountability and redress grows ever more urgent, demanding a concerted international response to ensure that the voices of the victims are heard and that justice prevails in the face of overwhelming adversity.

#Massacre, In Manfe: As +55 Civilians Were Abducted by Cameroon Occupation Forces